This week’s episode featured everyone’s favorite diabetic Scott Malkinson. Even the opening credits were dedicated to him and “The Scott Malkinson Show.”


So Much Streaming

This episode was another good one in a season of good ones. We still haven’t really had episodes that revolve around the main characters, but it hasn’t been a problem for me. The episodes centering around more minor characters are still funny and therefore don’t suffer from the lack of main characters.

The show even explains why this is happening in the most meta way possible, but more on that later. 

The show starts with Scott Malkinson begging his dad to get Disney+. Scott’s dad, who works for the cable company, refuses to pay for any streaming services and takes offense at their growth.

But Scott gets even more determined after meeting the new girl at school. Sophie is also diabetic, just like Scott. So Scott decides that they are meant to be together. He finds out that she loves The Mandalorian and invites her over to watch it. Problem is, he can’t watch it because he doesn’t have Disney+.

Scott asks his dad again, and he again refuses. So Scott turns to Cartman for help. Cartman directs him to Nathan who is now like a drug dealer except with streaming passwords. Scott gives Nathan insulin needles in exchange for a Disney+ account.

The Cable Company Strikes Back

Meanwhile, Scott’s dad and the rest of the cable install men have had enough. Scott’s dad is disgusted how Hollywood is making shows within shows in order to create more streaming options. Sound familiar? So he and the cable guys decide to cut the cables that provide people with their internet. Here we have the highlights of this episode. They agree to meet in a window just like regular cable guys. So of course we have scenes of them doing everything except preparing, like getting a haircut, going bowling, going to the movies, etc.

Scott’s dad even gets upset with the rest of the cable guys and screams at them for waiting until the last ten minutes of the half day window to do anything. This prompts the other guys to question if he’s feeling alright. Anyone who has ever dealt with a cable company will absolutely love this part of the episode.

Poor Scott

The internet is cut just as Sophie comes to Scott’s house to watch The Mandalorian. They go to Jimmy’s house where the rest of the boys are to see it isn’t working there either. They eventually end up at Sophie’s house where Scott has had enough of the other boys trying to steal his “girlfriend.”

Scott devours a pie and then comes out of the kitchen with knives for claws like Wolverine and tells the other boys to back off. Sophie then says she isn’t his girlfriend and wants to be left alone by all the boys. Scott questions why she feels that way, thinking they are meant for each other because they have diabetes. She says she is more than just her diabetes.

This leaves Scott depressed. After all, he has always just been the punchline, “I’m Scott Malkinson and I have diabetes.” But, Sophie comes to console him and decides to still be his friend.

The final shot of the show is a tag line for “The Scott Malkinson Show” and a message that says “Available for streaming! Call Trey!”. And right there we see the culmination of the weeks-long joke about the different opening credits. Much like Scott’s dad’s point, the creators are making shows within shows to get more streaming options. Brilliant.

Joe’s Totally Important Ultra-Special Rating– 7.5/10