Last week’s episode was an all-timer. It set the bar for this week rather high. But unfortunately that bar was not met. The laughs were few and far between this week. 


Change in Focus

The show shifted from a focus on Tegridy Farms to the PC Babies, down to the opening credits. There was a shot at Disney+ within the opening five minutes (the PC Babies being upset when Mulan came on) which was great considering this is one day after the service launched.

The main story centered around Vice Principal Strongwoman losing a Strong Woman competition to Heather Swanson, the first ever trans woman in the competition who looks and sounds a lot like Macho Man Randy Savage. However, Strongwoman reveals later that Heather is actually her ex-boyfriend who is only saying that he now identifies as a woman in order to embarrass her in competitions after she beat him.

This puts Strongwoman’s boyfriend PC Principal in a PC Pretzel. He knows that Heather is manipulating being trans for the sole purpose of humiliating women in competitions, but he can’t call Heather out for it because he’d be seen as a transphobe.

The whole situation was just absurd. It was funny to watch PC Principal try to figure out what to do. There were some laughs that came from the sheer absurdity, but ultimately many fell flat. But as a wrestling fan, it’s always a plus to have characters based off of Randy Savage in anything.

Board Girls

Meanwhile, Cartman and the boys start a bird games club. But, Cartman is outraged when Nicole and Tammy join and consistently beat the boys. He goes so far as to appeal to the government to make the school clubs separated for boys and girls.

There is a great scene here where PC Principal is in disbelief that someone would be that upset at losing to a girl in relation to Heather, when the next cut takes us to Cartman in a congress chamber talking about just that.

The plan, as usual, backfires on Cartman when the girls form their own club and it is a thousand times better than the boys’ except now they can’t join it.

Heather is invited to the school and publicly gloats in front of PC Principal and Strongwoman. Nicole challenges Heather to beat her on board games. Nicole and the other board girls successfully embarrass Heather and beat her in multiple board games, causing Heather to storm out with Cartman in tow.


There were some laughs in this episode, but they weren’t on par with the rest of the season. The shift mid-season from Tegridy to something completely different may cause some confusion, especially after some of those storylines seemed to be ongoing. It’ll be interesting to see where we go from here, as Tegridy wasn’t even mentioned in this episode.

Joe’s Totally Important Ultra-Special Rating– 4.5/10