Admittedly, I was worried that South Park was going to go through a midseason lull. The last few years started strong, then cooled, then picked back up again. This year, the previous two episodes were good not great, so it looked like we were heading that way again. 

Well, Episode 6 cured all those doubts. “Season Finale” is South Park at its best. And that is when the show mirrors real life events but inserts their characters into them. In this case, Randy is facing an indictment because the twin is sick of his antics, and Rudy Giuliani and the Whites are there to defend him. (Disclosure: It actually isn’t the season finale, that’s just the name of the episode)



Tegridy Lost

The town is finally fed up with Randy’s Tegridy Farm antics and looks to shut him down, much to the delight of the rest of the Marshes. So Randy calls President Garrison and asks for help, and we get the line of the episode. 

“Do I know any good lawyers? No. But I do know Rudy Giuliani.” 


Meanwhile, Jason White is killed by a police car while playing football with the boys. The Whites are upset that no one seems to care. They then go to the ICE Detention center that was featured in episode one and adopt a boy whose parents have been deported to Mexico. 

Again, the comedy comes from the blatant reference to current events but in an almost nonchalant, sarcastic manner. The show makes you laugh at something that seems so absurd, but then you stop and think that it’s actually real.

He’s real!

Randy tries President Garrison’s method of denying everything and turning himself into the victim, but is told it doesn’t work because he isn’t the President of the United States. Randy then laments that his behavior is because he bases his moral code off of the president and thought no matter what he does he’s still better than him.

With the rest of the town chanting “Lock Him Up!” at Randy, the Whites and their new son Alejandro protest the indictment. Alejandro keeps refusing to call the Whites his family, and they keep ignoring what he says because it’s in Spanish. Bob White then makes Alejandro pit sunscreen on his face, giving him the look of white makeup. 

Alejandro then becomes the Mexican Joker described from episode 1 of the season, starting a riot after Randy is cleared off charges. Randy thanks the Whites, calling them his supporters instead of his actual family.

This episode was an all timer for me. It connected precious storylines of the season and tied in brilliant albeit direct references to current headlines. My only question is what happened to the burger war storyline? That looked to be something that was going to continue but now has been ignored for two episodes.


Joe’s Totally Important Ultra-Special Rating– 9/10