After a one week break, South Park returned with a Halloween special that only they could do. Things kicked off with Randy wearing a mask of the Chinese President in the intro in yet another shot at the Chinese government.



“Halloween Special”

The actual episode started with Randy and Towelie preparing their “Halloween special” weed to sell at the Tegridy Farms Halloween. 

The best parts of this episode come from Randy trying to deal with Shelly’s “marijuana problem.” Of course, it’s not that she’s addicted to weed; it’s that she hates it and wants the whole town to stop getting high. 

The parallelism of this whole storyline was great. Randy did everything he could to show Shelly that smoking weed was ok. He then turned to a last resort and had her put in jail because of her marijuana problem. 

Archeologist Butters

Meanwhile, Butters is cursed by a mummy. And it was all because he wanted to get the final sticker on his museum collection. The mummy comes to Butters’ house and gives him a Fitbit, but when Butters rejects the gift, the mummy goes on a rampage. However, instead of blaming the mummy, the whole town blames Butters for being manipulative and controlling of the mummy. 

Butters has been the focus of many of the series’ best episodes. While I wouldn’t rank this particular one that high, it was still solid. This was another classic display of how Butters’ innocence is portrayed as a negative, as he correctly believes it’s the mummy who is the problem but no one listens and everyone takes the mummy’s side.

Great Payoff

As has been the case with much of this season, the third act delivered after a bit of a slow build. Shelly sabotages Randy’s Halloween Special, but in what Towelie calls a “Halloween miracle,” the weed mutates and they have have the party anyway.

But, at the party Randy and Towelie are attacked by zombies, who turned into such after smoking the Halloween special. Winnie the Pooh then comes back from the dead in a callback to episode 2 to lead an army of undead cows against Randy and Towelie. 

However, we see that all of this is actually Randy and Towelie screaming in an empty field. Shelly then throws another “witch’s brew” at them to wake them up.

Butters, after much contention, finally admits his “manipulative” behavior to the mummy. The mummy then leaves and gives Butters a card that reads “I can’t fix you” written in hieroglyphics.

I keep harping on it, but Randy and Towlie are the best part of the show right now. Their adventures at Tegridy Farms continue to deliver the laughs week in and week out. It was curious how the Tegridy burger storyline wasn’t mentioned, but that’s probably because of Halloween. These characters have made it possible for the main boys to hardly have any dialogue this season but it still be a strong season.

This episode started a bit slow, but the last ten or so minutes was very much worth it. We even got a PC Principal scene, something that has been sorely lacking the last two seasons.


Joe’s Totally Important Ultra-Special Rating– 7/10