The third episode of this season also happened to be the 300th in the series. And the first after the show was banned in China because of last week’s episode, which prompted the creators to issue this statement via Twitter:



300 trips down to South Park

For a 300th episode, this fell a little flat. Over the last few years, South Park has been doing season long arcs instead of individual episodes. This tends to lead to some episodes being “bridges” to further a story or start a new storyline. That’s what this felt like. 

Randy spent the episode trying to justify selling to China, but when his “Tegridy” was questioned, he was forced to renounce China to his partner Towelie, which of course, could be seen as another clap back from the creators to China. NSFW Language Warning for tweet below.


Classic Cartman

Eric became an anti-vaxer in order to avoid getting his shots. The visual of Eric running and screaming like a pig whenever he was about to get his shots was the highlight of the episode, especially when an entire hog wrangling competition was created in order to tie him down. 

As we have seen before, Eric manipulated his mother to help further his plans, having her read a script that says there is a less than 1% chance he becomes “artistic” if he gets vaccinated. 

Mrs. Cartman then tries to get Eric vaccinated by having half the town sneak into his room while he’s sleeping and try to give him his shot. They fail as he runs like a pig again, and then Eric throws his mother out of her own house. 

After some soul searching, Mrs. Cartman decides that she is a good mother and tries to stop the vaccination rodeo, where she jumps in front of a shot intended for Eric. The show then closes with another great visual gag where Eric is told there were some side effects from the shot to his mother, and he sees her painting a picture as she has now become “artistic.”

The visual gags were great and the rodeo scene was fantastic, but overall this felt like a bridge to the rest of the season as a way to advance the Tegridy storyline.


Joe’s Totally Important Ultra-Special Rating- 4/10