I was interested to see where South Park would go after the premier. While the premier wasn’t bad, in fact it was very good, it just wasn’t so much funny as it was, well, accurate. 

Episode 2 picked up the laughs that were more fun than a painful reflection of modern times. 

More Randy. Always.

I’m of the belief that the more Randy there is in an episode, the better. That rang true in this one, as Randy tried to spread his Tegridy Farms product to China. He finds out that he isn’t the only one trying to tap into this audience, as he is joined by the Avengers, Kylo Ren, and Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. Pooh and Piglet have found themselves imprisoned in a Chinese jail because Pooh was found to resemble the Chinese president.

The ruthless Mickey Mouse of previous episodes made an appearance and had one of the best lines of the show. Mr. Mouse asked “South Park…do I own that yet?” and was given a “Not yet, sir” as a response.


Stan, Butters, Jimmy, and Kenny forming a death metal band was great. Seeing Butters be the lead guitarist of said band and head banging is something I never thought I needed until now.

As South Park has been able to do in recent seasons, they were able to link an absurd story to a real pop culture debate, here being that the boys were trying to get a music biopic shot but are limited due to their attempts to get past the Chinese censors. At one point, Stan is told to write lyrics from his heart, but a Chinese official is literally standing over him and crossing out the lyrics as he writes them. 

We got a nice blast from the past featuring the boys’ boy-band and a great self-aware joke. 

I am personally always a fan of when long running series are able to poke fun at themselves, especially when it is in reference to how long they’ve been on the air. 

This was a strong episode that brought the laughs that were more at the expense of Disney and the Chinese government than directed inward at ourselves. 


Joe’s Totally Important Ultra-Special Rating- 8/10