This week was the season finale of South Park, and it brought a new Christmas special. It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t great. It was aggressively ok. 


Santa is fed up

The episode opens with Santa appearing at the South Park tree lighting. He then starts educating the town about the rise in DUIs during the holidays. The townsfolk, all already drunk, boo Santa off the stage. Who knew that the residents of South Park where all Eagles fans?

But Santa has had enough. He gets an ordinance passed that no alcohol can be sold until January 2nd. A gold chain goes across the liquor isle that apparently is too magical to step over, and the town loses all of its Christmas spirit.

So the mayor turns to Randy, who has a beard and red overalls, to save the town. She asks him to bring the town some Tegridy in order to get their spirits back up. But, Randy explains that his crop has died and he can’t grow it in the winter. However, Randy hatched a new idea after watching the snow fall.

Tegridy rides again

Randy delivers some “Christmas Snow” to the town. The next scene is a good one because it is a montage of everyone driving while high and causing chaos on the roads. The mayor goes to Randy to ask what the new white stuff is in the Christmas Snow. Randy reveals that it is cocaine, and the mayor loses it telling Randy he can’t sell it because it’s illegal.

The next minute or so is the highlight of the episode. Randy says it’s no problem and then goes and gets cocaine legalized. In a little under two minutes.

Santa sees what’s been happening and gets another ordinance passed where marijuana cannot be sold until after the holidays. So Randy then just sells his “snow.”

Santa then goes full Grinch and instead of delivering gifts, he comes down the chimney and takes away their cocaine. Randy meets up with Santa and after convincing him of the “Tegridy” in the “Snow,” Santa returns all of the stolen cocaine.

South Park has had many great Christmas episodes over the years. This one wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t super memorable either. It had some good moments and some bad, but nothing that particularly stood out. 

Joe’s Totally Important Ultra-Special Rating– 5/10

The season as a whole was pretty good. It started off very strong, tailed off a bit, picked back up, and then ended kind of quietly. Overall very solid. Abandoning the season long arcs after using them for the last few years was a change, but the streaming episodes gimmick worked well. I’m interested to see where next season goes and if it sees Randy finally move back into the town.

Season rating- 7/10