Brett Brown held his normal pregame media availability before Friday afternoon’s scrimmage versus the Memphis Grizzlies from inside the NBA bubble. The NBA resumed games on Wednesday.

Brown announced the following starters: 

G: Shake Milton

G: Josh Richardson

F: Tobias Harris

F: Ben Simmons

C: Joel Embiid

The Painted Lines asked Brett what his impressions so far have been with the level of competition in Orlando. Here is a very Quick Q&A. 

Jason Blevins – The Painted Lines

I don’t know how many of these games the last couple of days you’ve been able to watch, but from my eye, they look pretty standard for what you’d see in preseason. Maybe been a little more organized as the middle of the games kind of progress. What are you hearing? What are you seeing when you watch the games? What are you hearing from other players and coaches about this environment? 

Brett Brown

I’ve been lucky to be in the league for a while and I know most of the coaches here very well. One of the questions I always ask is, ‘if you do it again, as it relates to the knowledge, the eight practices something have you had to do it again? What would you do differently now that you’ve had one game?’ Tried to like, you know, pick people’s brain project.

For me, you know, as this thing shakes out, what do you want to work on? You choose the right things to work on in this atmosphere. You and I, to your point, it’s a high [level of competition]. I’ve watched all the games. Not every game in its entirety, but at least got to watch a few periods.

So I’ve logged in on mobile and you just love watching basketball as you all do, just as a fan. As much as anything you put your coaching hat on. And I see a higher level of basketball, for sure, than you would if you were to watch pre-season games in October. I’m going to be, personally, curious as we also to study, just put a percentage. Just thought of like a cumulative league, three-point percentage.

And see if people’s projections, or prediction that people aren’t going to come out shooting the ball that well. Is it going to take two, three weeks so everybody should sit in a zone because nobody’s gonna shoot that well? And you know defensive rebounds [are paramount] because there’s gonna be a lot of rebounds to get. That was spinning around a lot amongst coaches AND the media, but I just see a higher level of basketball than I anticipated and so it’s great to see it. I look forward to playing it and coaching it again a few hours and back to this point, good to be doing this. 

Other Notes: 

The Sixers practices have been “chippy” in the past few days. Brown said that the team is ready to vent frustration on an opponent for a change. Brown said the team is “tired of playing against each other and looking for some fresh faces, other teams to play against. The byproduct may be that frustration produced an incredibly competitive chirping environment. It was great and to now walk into the building and play against another team.”