J Blevins:  Coach, We haven’t heard an update on Markelle (Fultz), Justin (Patton), or Zhaire (Smith). Could you give us an update on those three?

Here are Brett Brown’s responses: 

Zhaire Smith

“Zhaire continues to get shots, do individual work. As far as practicing with us, that has not happened.” – Brett Brown

On December 22nd, Elton Brand gave an update to the media and said that Zhaire was due to be have his foot scanned for healing. 

So can we assume that scan was positive?

“I wouldn’t assume anything. I haven’t been made aware of that part of it. Like, I’m sort of seeing it from when can he come in and practice with us. I have not yet seen him, but we haven’t really practiced that much anyways, but I’m not aware of the scan details.” – Brett Brown

Zhaire originally suffered a Jones fracture to his foot in August. He also had a food allergy trauma that was life threatening according to reports. This allergic reaction caused a long-term setback in his ability to rehabilitate the foot. Some reports indicate he had lost up to 20 pounds as a result of the injury and illness. 


Justin Patton

“Justin is making progress. I am told that they believe a timeline of earlier February seems to be what they have earmarked.” – Brett Brown January 11th 2019 on when the Sixers expect him to return to practice. 

Justin Patton was acquired as part of the Jimmy Butler trade. He injured his right foot and had surgery to repair the break. Originally a first round pick, the 21 year old center desires a return this season. PFO met with Patton and wrote about his desire and optimism about a return in December.



Markelle Fultz 

“The club, through Elton, will make a statement on Markelle’s next move, the path for Markelle, soon. I don’t know when that is. That will come from Elton and not me. He continues to work with physical therapy and continues to do some things in California, and we all expect to see him I think fairly soon. Elton will give more detail on that.”

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