James Harden and Joel Embiid on Media Day 2022; photo by Austin Krell/TPL

I’ve previewed the Sixers on both sides of the ball in separate pieces. The first focused on the offense, and was published in late September. The second focused on the defense, and it went public on Monday morning. Ahead of the season-opening affair in Boston on Tuesday, I’m pretty convicted in believing that this is a top-5 offense and a top-10 defense. While anything slightly below a top-10 defense is understandable, anything less than a top-5 offense would be unacceptable.

My official prediction is that the Sixers win 54-57 games and finish with the 2nd seed in the East. I think their season will end in the Eastern Conference Finals.

For the preview on the Sixers’ offense, click here.

For the preview on the Sixers’ defense, click here.


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