Editor’s note: Wayne and his family are currently on a road trip around the midwest going to all 10 NL and AL central Baseball Stadiums. To read more about their trip, click here

Google Maps is the best. True that! Double True! (if this reference doesn’t ring a bell, click here especially if you are an Andy Samberg Fan)

Friday’s journey began in Pittsburgh and ended in Indianapolis with a stop at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati in the middle!

First Impressions

It was a bit confusing finding a place to get into the stadium if you park on the left field side of the stadium. There were lots, of stairs but luckily we found a single escalator that brought us directly to the gate.

When we first walked in, four out of the first five people we encountered made sure to remind us to get the kids first Reds game certificates located behind section 119. I remember the number because we probably had 30 different people (fans and employees alike) ask us throughout the night if we had gotten our certificates yet, and they all mentioned it was behind section 119. 

We sought out the area, and they were awesome there. The printed the kids’ names on the certificates, not just hand you a blank one like at the Phillies game. 

The concourse area behind the seats was great. Very spacious, tons of options for food, and you could see from the concourse onto the field for about 75% of the area. 

The Fan Zone

The Reds’ Fan Zone.

The Reds have a very nice area behind home plate and first base that they call the fan zone. Their Hall of Fame and Museum is located there. They had different things to eat and areas for the kids to play. It reminded me of something similar to Ashburn Alley in Philly but with more room for everyone. 

The Food

Dani and I each got a Cheese Coney, basically a hot dog covered in chili covered in shredded cheese. They were recommended to us by the local Reds fans. 

Josie of course had to get an ice cream. She has started a collection of Ice cream hats for her baby dolls, and we didn’t want to disappoint here. 

The Game

Well unfortunately for the Reds and their fans, the Reds got smoked by the Rockies 12-2. Even through the loss, both Dani and I couldn’t get over how nice everyone was.

It was a very enjoyable experience at the Great American Ballpark. 

Tomorrow we head to Milwaukee to watch the Brewers play the Cubs for a share of first place in the NL Central.