Last night before we went to sleep, I asked Dani, my wife, “Are we crazy?” Usually my wife will use whatever painstakingly roundabout way she can to nicely say something polite, but she will definitely not deliver a possibly hurtful yet true answer.

This was not one of those times, she looked at me, and confidently said “Yes”, then rolled back over.

(Insert single raised eyebrow emoji here)

Today we leave on our ballpark trip! A trip involving: seeing new cities, playing tons of made up road trip games (more on this in a minute), and of knocking lots of ballparks off my quest for all 30. And I’m not going alone! I convinced my wife, and our two kids (2 years old and 8 months old) didn’t really have a choice, but rest assured they are super excited.

Our two kids who are unbelievably excited to go on this trip. (OK partially true, Josie is very excited. Nick will be along for the ride)

We will be visiting all 10 AL and NL Central teams, and doing it in 13 days. I started planning for this trip back in April. One of the biggest challenges, aside from finding a house-sitter, was finding a small enough period of time (less than two weeks), that all ten teams had a home game, and that the home games made a somewhat logistically driving route (like Pittsburgh had to be on either end of the trip, couldn’t be smack dab in the middle). The website was an awesome find for me and I highly recommend if you want to plan a trip like this. 

The Route

Looking at this, maybe my wife is right and we are crazy…

Tonight we’ll stay in Pittsburgh and then we’ll start off our ballpark tour with Cincinnati on Friday night. Saturday we head to Milwaukee, then Sunday to Chicago to see the White Sox. We have a day off in St Louis on Monday and then see the Cardinals play Tuesday, drive to Kansas City to see the Royals on Wednesday and drive up to Minnesota after the game. We then have a day off in Minneapolis on Thursday, see the Twins on Friday before another off day on Saturday. Home stretch time! Cubs game on Sunday afternoon, Tigers on Monday, Indians on Tuesday and finally the Pirates on Wednesday. And back to our home sweet home on Thursday. Wow, that was a lot just typing it all out. 

If you’re following along on the map, Google is telling me it should be 3,434 miles. Glad we got our oil changed yesterday.  

Road Trip Games

I decided we needed to have some road trip games besides, “Let’s see how many hours I can drive being the only one awake” So we will be tracking some things along the way. 50 state license plates was a must. We’re counting the amount of police cars we see, and how many times Josie says “What’s that?”.

Anyway, here is the official sheet for each day in the car. We take our road trip games very seriously. We also have a ballpark sheet and a master sheet for the license plates. 

Side Note: I really hope we see a Northwest Territories or Nunavut license plate from northeast Canada. There are only 3,400 of the Nunavuts in existence, and the Northwest Territories is in the shape of a Polar Bear.  

We also did some predictions. I think Dani has me on the Mileage, but I’m confident that I’ve got the rest.

Along the way we will be bringing you detailed reviews on the ballparks, updates on the travels, and anything else we may deem interesting. For updates throughout the day, follow me on twitter at @wayneterrymedia