High school athlete by day, would-be crime fighter by night. Archie Andrews. This week’s episode begins with Archie playing vigilante, during which he gets pepper-sprayed while saving a woman in an alley. Archie and Monroe let the kids in his club know that if they run with Dodger, they are not welcome at the club.


You’re all guilty

Next up, Veronica shares her goals for the week: get mom out of jail and make sure dad stays rotting in his cell. She finds out that Pop is being subpoenaed by her father’s defense team. Should he wind up on the stand, he will need to let the court know that he doctored the books which had her father put in jail. Of course, she asked Pop to do this because her father was extorting her. Governor Dooley and Veronica have a chat about how he is going to pardon her mom after she pleads guilty.

Hermosa. Hmmm. Could she be Veronica’s sister? She claims Hiram sent for her because he needed her to help prove that he has been set up.

Ghostwriter wanted

Jughead is told that Moose is in basic training. Then he has his mind blown by his teacher who is the most recent in a long line of ghostwriters for one of his favorite teen crime series, Baxter Brothers. Tracy True were some of Betty’s favorites, haha, I’m cracking up. Anyway, turns out that the Baxter Brothers folks are looking for a new line of ghostwriters, and Jughead is stoked.

Jughead wins a murder game at a reception with the Baxter Brothers crew. Jerkwad Bret gets under Jughead’s skin by speaking poorly about his grandfather. He also insinuates that Jughead is a statistic and that the admissions team has never even read a word he has written. Jughead’s dad convinces him to stay at Stonewall Prep to bring honor to their name.

Jughead looks through his old books after he finds out that his grandfather was the one who gave them to him. He finds a secret message in one of the books that tell him to “trust few.” Interesting.

Self-fulfilling prophecy

“You’re like a Beautiful Mind, but for serial killers,” Kevin utters these words to Betty while they sit in on her half-brother’s FBI Academy. Her intuition seems to be spot-on when figuring out who a serial killer is in a lineup. Could that also have something to do with the fact that she has two genes which are apparently the same two genes that most serial killers have in common?

Betty starts to freak out, having memories of her childhood and a dream about killing the family cat Caramel. Her brother continues to teach her all about serial killers and happens to use examples of everything he knows will push her buttons. I don’t trust him. Is this FBI training even legit? I think Charles is purposefully trying to rile up Betty.

Apparently, Charles also has the serial killer genes. He said he joined the FBI to keep the darkness in check. Gah.

Meeting of the minds

In a sort of press session, Archie lets the public know that the community center isn’t going anywhere. They are expanding hours until 11 p.m. and opening their doors on Sunday. Archie lets everyone know that they will be a Big Brothers and Big Sisters Program. Archie finds out that Dodger has been charging businesses a protection fee to ensure they won’t get robbed.

Final moments of the show

Hiram Lodge gets out of jail thanks to his daughter Hermosa and then announces he will be running for Mayor.

Betty starts to question who her brother is and if he could possibly be a serial killer.

Archie, in vigilante mode, confronts Dodger, telling him that if he doesn’t back off, he will be doomed. Dodger says he has the manpower and the support of the people. He runs to get a gun, and when he turns around, Archie is gone.

The show ends with the Sheriff walking in and telling Veronica, Betty, and Archie that they are under arrest for the murder of Jughead Jones. But now, it’s obvious, this is part of Jughead’s story that he is writing so he can become the next Baxter Brothers ghostwriter.

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