Special thanks to Ham Sinkie for allowing me to use his tweets from all of these terrible takes. Please do yourself a favor and follow this man if you aren’t already. You can find him at @HamSinkie.

The media and writers in this town have been downright horrendous, especially when it comes to the Philadelphia 76ers. There are too many old heads in this town that are never held accountable for all the crap that spews from their mouths. They ran Sam Hinkie out of town on baseless claims, they tossed around false narratives, and the ground began to crumble underneath them when the term “analytics” began to threaten their very existence. After the tragic passing of Phil Jasner, there has been a huge void of good writers in Philly when it comes to the Sixers. It wasn’t until the likes of Derek Bodner, Kate Fagan, and the folks at Liberty Ballers when things started to take a turn for the better. The media was always wrong, and this is my acknowledgement of the fact that WE WERE ALWAYS RIGHT. Here are my top 10 Enemies of the Process. #neverforget

1. Adam Silver

According to Brian Windhorst in April 2018 from the article below, “NBA commissioner Adam Silver was instrumental in forming the partnership between Colangelo and 76ers owner Joshua Harris.”  Adam Silver’s pressure led to the hiring of Jerry Colangelo, and it simply all went downhill from there. In an interview between Adam Silver and Tony Kornheiser in May 2015, Silver had this to say about Sam Hinkie’s plan: “As an organization, they are rebuilding,” he said. “They have made a decision that in order to rebuild they have to position themselves to get higher draft picks. It is a legitimate strategy in the league right now. I don’t think by any means that it is a disgrace.” This two faced snake is an easy pick to be the face of the Process Most Wanted list. If you’re looking for a bigger serpent in the NBA than Bryan Colangelo, then ladies and gentlemen…. I give you Adam Silver.


2. Howard Eskin (we love you, Spike)

Howard Eskin is, without a doubt, the biggest critic of Sam Hinkie. He is also, without a doubt, the biggest narcissist on Philly sports radio. Howard has earned the crown for biggest idiot in Philadelphia when it comes to talking about Sixers basketball. For anyone other than casual fans, listening to Howard speak about the Sixers has become a running joke in itself. He’s absolutely never right. All he does is create nicknames like Scam Hinkie or Waldo in order to gain attention and keep his name relevant. Howard is an aging dinosaur who is living in a sports world that has clearly passed him by. Howard enjoys calling himself smart. If you need proof, he did so in an interview with Brett Brown in 2015. Brett, ever so polite as always, responded with shrug while saying, “So you say.”

3. Marcus Hayes

Marcus Hayes has made numerous enemies by spitting countless horrible takes with The Daily News and on Daily News Live. Marcus has always claimed to be against The Process, yet would offer asinine strategies to rebuilding the Sixers. His best moment was when he proposed to trade Nerlens Noel and the Lakers’ pick for Shaun Livingston. Yes, he actually said that. Marcus is either the dumbest writer in town or secretly playing a character behind the scenes to get attention like Howard Eskin. I’ll take the former. His Sixers takes are absolutely laughable.

4. Stephen A Smith

There is no bigger attention whore in all of sports than Stephen A Smith. Smith makes it clearly known to everyone on his filthy TV show that he “understands” the fans in Philadelphia because he’s worked here for a decade. That statement could not be further from the truth. Stephen A is never actually right about basketball things, and he’s been one of the most vocal haters of Sam and The Process. “I want people to see Sam Hinkie’s face, view it as a mugshot, and treat him with the disgust it deserves because of the way he has literally thrown seasons.” It’s called tanking, you IDIOT. Stephen A was wrong, again, but that’s no surprise. I think it’s time Stephen gives more attention to that joke of a basketball team that plays in New York.

5. Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons is a Boston guy, and because the Sixers are lining up to battle the Celtics for the foreseeable future, he must be on this list. No one has flip flopped on prospects more than Bill Simmons. He wanted Joel Embiid and Markelle Fultz in Boston, yet turned on them the second they became a Sixer. Simmons is already claiming that the Celtics won the Fultz trade, but that is yet to be seen. Bill showed the world that he’s actually a closet case Sixers fan when he named his son after the great, Ben Simmons. Kidding.

6. Angelo Cataldi

There is no one in Philly media who is more decidedly against analytics than Angelo Cataldi. Similar to Howard Eskin, Angelo was one of the biggest loud mouths in town against the Process. He routinely called for Sam Hinkie’s job for reasons like being a “nerd,” a “non-basketball person,” and not a player’s GM. When the Sixers hired a “basketball person” in Bryan Colangelo, Sixers Front Office found out recently from Richaun Holmes’ mother that the exact opposite was going on behind the scenes. It was actually Sam Hinkie who was in constant communication, while BC couldn’t care less about players’ families. Angelo screamed and screamed about tanking but never ever offered any alternative strategies to winning a championship. After four years of moaning about Hinkie and proving to everyone how little he understands basketball, Cataldi wrote an article in April 2018 admitting just how wrong he was (see below). But we will never forget, or let him forget, the amount of crap that flew out of his mouth during the years of The Process. If you hear this man speaking on the Sixers, please take my advice: hit the off button.


7. Colin Cowherd

Similar to Stephen A., Cowherd is another national media windbag who is seemingly never correct when it comes to basketball. Cowherd called Embiid the next Greg Oden (see below). Cowherd claimed the Sixers wouldn’t win 40 games last season (see below). He said the Sixers’ roster was worse than the Lakers in October 2017. Even worse, Cowherd has openly admitted that he doesn’t watch basketball and relies on others to keep him up to date. Colin Cowherd is the very definition of shock jock. He does nothing more than make ridiculous hot takes in order to create conversation and gain attention. If you’re looking for terrible takes about basketball, then look no further than Colin Cowherd.


8. Tony Bruno

In May 2016, Tony Bruno called Sam Hinkie “an undeniable fraud. Sam Hinkie, it’s not a personal thing, was an unmitigated failure. He got run out of here. He didn’t resign. He got his @$$ run out of here because the NBA laughed at this team. Adam Silver laughed at the Sixers. Bring in a 90-year-old guy in Arizona to try to save this disaster.” Like Angelo and Howard, Tony Bruno joins them as a member of the Old Guard when it comes to sports radio. In April 2018, Tony changed his tune when he admitted he was wrong about The Process but refused to give any of the credit to Sam Hinkie. Tony continues to be actively against Process trusters on Twitter and proves that he truly understands nothing about the game of basketball (see below).

9. John Smallwood

John Smallwood made his fame with the Process Most Wanted by claiming Dario would never come over, despite the fact Saric clearly said he would multiple times. In February 2016, Smallwood said, “Even a conditional second-rounder would likely offer more value to the future than keeping Covington, McConnell, or Thompson.” It’s also difficult to ignore how wrong he was on Jahlil Okafor. “I’ll say for the umpteenth time that if the Sixers can’t find a way to incorporate a talent like Okafor into their system, they should find a new system,” said Smallwood. As you can see below, this Philly blowhard actually thought the Sixers had a chance with Spencer, Evan, and Thad. Wrong, John. All wrong.

10. Jerry Colangelo

Jerry makes it over Bryan on this list due to the fact that he greatly represents the Adam Silvers of the world that pushed Sam out of town. “Since the change in management, there’s much more of a defined game plan in terms of going forward, and that’s very positive in my opinion for the franchise. Sam left some good stuff in place, no question about that. Along the line there was a lot of pain in terms of incredible losing, and that can only be sustained for a period of time. I think, in Philly’s case, I think he probably ran out of time.” Hinkie resigning had zero to do with running out of time. Please. Jerry hired Bryan 4 short months after, despite the Sixers having a great January that year prior to Embiid getting hurt. If you wish to find Jerry, all you need to do is look to the grass or pick up a few rocks. That’s where you’ll most likely find him slithering.

Honorable Mentions

Stan Van Gundy

SVG on the Process: “Not what Philadelphia is doing right now, which is embarrassing.” Then he said this…

Sarah Todd

Michael Wilbon

“I believe the Sixers are going to become hateable for the rest of the nation very soon,” Wilbon told co-host Tony Kornheiser. “Some little dude named T.J. is looking at his hand like he’s Shaq. Here’s what’s going to happen to T.J. in the next game: Terry Rozier is going to run over him like a truck, and he’s not going to do anything.”

No one speaks about TJ that way. Nobody!

Glen Macnow

Macnow, just recently, got into a back-and-forth on Twitter with Sixers Front Office’s own Ina, in which he showed his cards (albeit not for the first time), revealing himself as yet another old talking head who is out of touch with millennials and the modern athlete.

Thankfully, Markelle’s mom jumped in to back up Ina and show Glen just how wrong he was…again.

Many of these guys based their claims that Hinkie’s plan to tank would lead to the Sixers losing its fans, creating a toxic environment in the locker room and a culture of losing. Wrong, wrong and yes, WRONG. All you have to do is watch this video if you think otherwise. The Sixers are a month and a half away from making a Finals run, and we must always remember where we came from. We were ALWAYS right. Thank you, Sam! Trust the process, baby.