This 6’1 freshman guard from Stanford is one of the best off-ball shooters in the entire draft class. How does Tyrell Terry fit with the Philadelphia 76ers? How does he project at the next level?


According to Rivals, Tyrell Terry was a 4-star recruit out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was ranked 77th in the nation out of high school and received offers from Butler, Minnesota and Iowa before committing to Stanford in June 2018.  Tyrell Terry won 3 state championships for De La Salle and tallied 19 points and 10 assists during the state title game his senior season. He was a finalist for Minnesota’s 2019 Mr. Basketball was participated on the USA Select Team in Germany.

Tyrell Terry started all 31 games his freshman season and was an instant impact player at Stanford averaging 14.6 points, 4.5 rebounds and 3.2 assists per game. His incredible freshman season earned him All-Freshman and All-Pac 12 honors. The last freshman from Stanford to do so was Brook Lopez back in 2007. On April 6th, Tyrell Terry declared that he will leave Stanford and enter the 2020 NBA Draft. Currently, most draft experts currently project Terry to be a late first round to high second round pick. Let’s take a look at what Tyrell Terry brings at the next level and how he could possibly fit with the Philadelphia 76ers.


  • A big-time shooter: Tyrell Terry is a phenomenal shooter who can pull up from anywhere on the court or off the bounce. Despite the small frame, he’s got a myriad of moves that helps to get the ball off with ease. Terry also thrives in the catch and shoot, where he shot 50.8% from beyond the arc. This is one of the best shooters in the draft class, nailing 40.8% of his three pointers (62-152) on 4.9 attempts per game. He also shot 89.1% from the free throw line on 3.5 attempts per game, good for 1st in the PAC-12 and 12th in the nation. Terry had a true shooting percentage of 60.4% and the 15th best offensive rating in the PAC-12 (108.0).
  • An off the ball weapon: Tyrell Terry makes most of his impact on offense moving without the ball and he’s one of the best at it in the NCAA. He is a legit playmaker in the pick and roll. Due to his ability to shoot over screens and find the roller in the pick and roll, Terry is incredible at putting defenses in a bind. According to The Stepien, 33.3% of Tyrell Terry’s offense came as the primary ball handler in the pick and roll.


  • Defense at the next level: Tyrell Terry does the most he can do defensively based on his basketball intelligence. He’s a smart defender and his numbers indicate it. He had the 3rd best defensive win shares (2.3) and the 5th best defensive rating (91.3) in the PAC-12 his freshman season. That being said, he struggles defending the pick and roll and his lack of size and strength will really hurt him once he gets to the next level.
  • Not a pure facilitator: Tyrell Terry is solid at moving the ball and getting others involved, but this is not a guy you want as the primary ball handler. Terry projects best for a team that needs an offensive spark off the bench. Despite being a freshman, Terry had the 15th highest usage percentage in the PAC-12 at 24.5%. He had 99 assists compared to 82 turnovers on the season. It’s hard to knock a freshman in this area. Regardless, Terry does well enough at getting others involved in the pick and roll.


This is where Tyrell Terry is going to make his bread and butter in the NBA. Terry is elite at moving without the ball and shooting off screens. The Sixers did a very good job integrating Landry Shamet in this role back in 2018 and this is clearly how Tyrell Terry would be utilized in Philadelphia. Shamet’s success in this role only further cements my need for Terry being selected by the Sixers with the 22nd pick.

Tyrell Terry has unbelievable range from 3-point range. He shot 40.8% from three but was electric in the catch and shoot. Terry shot 50.8% overall and a ridiculous 56.8% (18-32) when guarded in the catch and shoot. Terry is also a very good spot up shooter. He shot 42.1% during spot up threes (16-38). Tyrell Terry was one of the best 3 point shooters in the nation last season.

Tyrell Terry’s elite shooting is the main draw here. Here, Terry sells the pump fake and shows a quick release from 3 in transition. The Sixers haven’t had a guard that can consistently put pressure on a defense in transition like this since JJ Redick. Tyrell Terry is dynamic in transition as a shooter. According to The Stepien, he shot 50.6% from the floor and 26.1% of his offense came from transition buckets (like the one above) during his freshman season.

More clips of Tyrell Terry’s range from 3 and ability to thrive in an up-tempo, motion offense. Check out the speed, footwork and mechanics here. I cannot envision a better fit for Brett Brown’s pace and space offense. Terry thrives without the basketball, is a pesky defender and is the offensive spark that the Sixers need off the bench.

Here is clip showcasing Terry’s handle. Tyrell Terry has a crafty handle that allows him to create open shots in the pick and roll. This is an area where Terry is an absolute weapon with and without the ball and where where the majority of his offense came from at Stanford.

Here is Tyrell Terry in the pick and roll. He’s not overly athletic, but he’s got very good quickness and burst that allows him to penetrate into the paint with ease. Terry struggled somewhat at finishing around the rim during his freshman season. He’s crafty around the rim, but his lack of size and strength often resulted in his shot being blocked numerous times.


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I can’t say enough positive things about Shake Milton’s development during the last two months of the regular season. He was a revelation. But what is his role moving forward? Can he consistently provide the spacing he showed during the latter part of the season? Shake shot 50+ percent from the 3 the last two months of the season before it was suspended. We can’t possibly expect those numbers to carry over into 2020-2021.

The Sixers biggest area of need include playmakers and guys who can space the floor. Shake Milton and Furkan Korkmaz are your only true players who can reliability space the court. Al Horford has been a disaster on the perimeter this season. The Sixers lack playmakers with the ball that can get buckets for themselves or others when necessary. The absence of JJ Redick was truly felt in 2019-2020. The Sixers need a guy who can reliably put pressure on a defense and provide spacing for Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

What does Tyrell Terry bring to the Sixers?

The Sixers offense looked dreadful at times, especially when Ben Simmons went to the bench. When the ball stopped moving, the Sixers weaknesses on offense were exposed. This is why Tyrell Terry is such an intriguing fit in Philadelphia. Terry is incredibly active without the ball in his hands. I’m not comparing Terry to Steph Curry (although his low/quick release looks awfully similar), but he is similar in respect that defenses must always account for him when on the court.

I can’t think of a better option than Tyrell Terry in the NBA Draft for the Sixers. This is a very good fit. All of Tyrell Terry’s weaknesses project well playing alongside a ball dominant playmaker like Ben Simmons. As Ben Simmons gets more and more comfortable facilitating the pick and roll, it’s easy to see how Tyrell Terry could thrive in Philadelphia with his elite ability to space the floor and be a playmaker with and without the ball.

Tyrell Terry checks all the boxes on offense for the Sixers…

On offense, Tyrell Terry checks all the boxes for what the Sixers need. Terry thrives in the catch and shoot. He can pull up from anywhere on the court and in transition. Tyrell Terry can shoot off movement and is a major weapon flying off screens. If you haven’t yet watched his tape, think JJ Redick and his role in the Sixers offense prior to last season. That is the level of floor spacing and off ball movement Tyrell Terry can bring at the next level.


  • Tyrell Terry was a consistent weapon on offense at Stanford. He scored in double digits in 27 of his 31 games.
  • Terry scored 20+ or more points 9 times during his freshman campaign.
  • Tyrell Terry was a weapon from three-point range. He made at least two three pointers in over half (nearly 55%) of his games at Stanford.
  • He posted 3 double doubles last season and a career high 27 points vs Utah on February 26th, 2020.


After watching significant amounts of tape, Tyrell Terry’s elite shot creation and shooting is exactly what the Sixers need. He’s an ideal secondary ball handler in the pick and roll for the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers would undoubtedly need to figure out how to hide Terry on defense, but that is something they have been accustomed to with previous players like JJ Redick and Furkan Korkmaz. If Brett Brown returns next season (and that’s a big if), I can easily see Tyrell Terry as a prime draft target for the Sixers. He’s an ideal bomber from the perimeter that can be groomed alongside Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid.

It’s Tyrell Terry’s ability to impact the offense with and without the ball that makes him such a seamless fit. He can either facilitate the pick and roll and get others involved or move without the ball and shoot off screens. This kind of lineup versatility is incredibly important, especially for Ben Simmons and further unlocking his potential as a primary ball handler. Terry has the shooting, playmaking and shot creation to thrive within the Sixers offense.

The Sixers need to draft for fit rather than highest ceiling…

The Sixers will be picking in the low 20s of the NBA Draft. With the team in clear win-now mode, the Sixers need to focus on fit rather than selecting a project with a high ceiling in the first round. I honestly cannot fathom Elton Brand or Brett Brown passing on this guy with the 22nd pick if he’s available. Terry’s strengths are tailor made for Philadelphia and he’s the ideal bomber/secondary ball handler to groom behind Ben Simmons in the Sixers backcourt. Tyrell Terry is a prospect that should be incredibly high on all Sixers fans draft boards come draft time.

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