Today we bring you the newest podcast from TPL – Player Piano. Jason Blevins will explore his many passions with experts and icons in the fields of sports, literature, technology, music, economics, and society. Episode 1 is a blend in the form of “One Lucky Fan” by Rich O’Malley.

Rich O’Malley has accomplished a lot in his career and life, including having been Executive Editor of the NY Daily News. But perhaps nothing has been as rewarding as having visited all 123 venues for major sports franchises. 

From Atlanta to Winnipeg, Rich brings humor, nostalgia, and a romance for the experience of being a fan. Enjoy a discussion of ballparks, food, fandom, and the exhaustion and exhilaration of chasing a dream. Truly a love letter to the live event experience. 

“What most of us have only heard about in legend or seen on TV—the roar of the 12th Man in Seattle, the enthusiasm of Canadian hockey fans in their home barn, a Giannis Antetokounmpo slam dunk—O’Malley has seen firsthand. His journey will have readers itching to take a sports quest of their own—jet lag, early wake-up calls, missed flights and all.” (Sarah Spain, ESPN)

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