Rob (@PhillyMadness on Twitter) & Deibs (@mrcrockpot) grade each pick from the Eagles draft. Which picks did we like the most? Which did we hate? What was the overall draft grade? Is Howie Roseman officially on the hot seat? Audio and video available below!

Discussion topics include…

  • Should Howie Roseman have traded up for CeeDee Lamb?
  • Reaction and grade to the Jalen Reagor selection. What does Reagor bring to the offense?
  • Should the Eagles have traded down? What about Justin Jefferson?
  • Did the Dallas Cowboys win the draft?
  • Is Jalen Hurts the worst Eagles draft pick of all time?
  • The trick down effect of drafting Jalen Hurts and how it impacted the rest of the Eagles draft
  • Reaction and grade to the Davion Taylor selection. How soon can we expect an impact?
  • What does K’Von Wallace bring to the Eagles defense?
  • The Eagles continue to trade down again and again on day 3. Where was this on day one or two?
  • Review and grades from the Jack Driscoll selection.
  • Our final grades and much more!

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