1. Joel Embiid | Size: 7’0″ 250 lbs. | College: Kansas | DOB: 3/16/1994

You don’t trade Joel Embiid to anyone in any universe. Even with his injury history and large contract, there is very little upside. All you have to do is imagine watching him play for another team in another uniform. I’m no doctor, but you’ll probably feel a stinging sensation in your gut.

2. Ben Simmons | Size: 6’10” 230 lbs. | College: LSU | DOB: 7/20/1996

Note: This is where we start explaining why each ranking is lesser than the one above.

Ben Simmons has a smaller contract, which will certainly be a max deal very soon, and if it wasn’t for Shawn Long, he’d have a pretty clear injury history. Still, Joel Embiid impacts the game more and the Cameroonian would yield a much richer return. You can argue that there are other players in the league like Ben Simmons (Giannis comes to mind), however there is nobody like Embiid.

3. Zhaire Smith | Size: 6’5″ 195 lbs. | College: Texas Tech | DOB: 6/4/1999

We have two sample sizes. Fist, we have his freshman year at Texas Tech. Second, we have the 2018 NBA Summer League. Zhaire Smith’s trade value is quite obviously lower than Simmons, which isn’t even a discussion, but we’ve seen enough and heard enough about this kid to know that his upside, both on offense and defense is large enough to change the game and give Brett Brown a serious weapon. Key word: upside. Trade value is heavily set from upside.

4. 2021 first round draft pick from Miami

Would I trade the 2021 Miami first for Zhaire Smith? No. I value Zhaire more and it’s ironic that both of these assets came to the Sixers in the very same deal on draft night, which speaks volumes to the job Coach Brown did here. This pick is viewed around the league as one of the more valuable trade chips.

5. Markelle Fultz | Size: 6’4″ 195 lbs. | College: Washington | DOB: 5/29/1998

If I was another team in the NBA, would I trade the 2021 Miami pick for Markelle Fultz? From what we’ve seen so far from the former first-overall pick, the upside in value of the Heat asset is just safer. There is more bust potential with Fultz, especially when you look at the chance of Miami declining in the coming seasons.

6. Jimmy Butler | Size: 6’8″ 232 lbs. | College: Marquette| DOB: 9/14/1989

Is Jimmy Butler better than Markelle Fultz? Yep! Is Butler’s future with the Sixers a sure thing? Nope! Am I nervous about it? Yep! Would I trade Jimmy Butler for Markelle Fultz straight up? Nope!  We need to be open to the fact that Fultz still has time to get it together and live up to his pre-draft status.

7. 2021 Philadelphia first round draft pick

Even with the uncertainty of Jimmy Butler’s future with the 76ers, I’d be fine with risking the 2021 Sixers first for him. We expect Philly to remain competitive for the foreseeable future, which means this pick, in a vacuum, is projected in the 20’s. I’d pay that asset to see this thing through with Jimmy G Buckets.

8. Landry Shamet | Size: 6’4″ 188 lbs. | College: Wichita St. U | DOB: 3/13/1997

I am huge fan of Landry Shamet. The dude is a pro and he doesn’t look a thing like a rookie. This was a very difficult decision, but I think the optionality and glamour of future draft picks are greater than that of a player who can’t even rebound.

9. Jonah Bolden | Size: 6’10” 220 lbs. | College: UCLA | DOB: 1/2/1996

This is enjoyable to type. Jonah Bolden has looked great in his new role as starting power forward next to Joel Embiid, but he obviously still has a long way to go in his development (which is a good thing. He can and will get better). Would I trade him for Landry Shamet? Yes. Could this change in the future? Absolutely.

10. 2020 Philadelphia first round draft pick

Bolden has the upside to be a 3-and-D big man with great athleticism and rim protection. There aren’t a lot of those around the NBA. This said, if a team offered the Sixers their 2020 pick back in return for Bolden, I’d rather hold on to Jonah.

11. 2019 Philadelphia first round draft pick

We’re getting to a lot of the picks now, with players spattered through here and there. As I previously mentioned, there is greater optionality with future picks. Both the 2019 and 2020 Philadelphia firsts will most likely be around the same selection, however you have more time to utilize the value of the 2020 pick.

12. 2019 Chicago second round draft pick.

This is an extremely underrated asset that the Sixers have in their back pocket which isn’t talked about much. The Bulls are struggling this season, which elevated the value of Chicago’s 2019 second-round pick to that of a late first with a lower salary hit.

13. TJ McConnell | Size: 6’2″ 200 lbs. | College: Arizona | DOB: 3/25/1992

It was rumored that the Sixers were offered a first-round pick for TJ and they declined it. The team believes in McConnell and we’ll see how strong that bond is come free agency season. That all being said, I would have taken that trade if I’m the Sixers if it was in fact offered; not because of McConnell, but because of the amount he may be paid in free agency.

14. Shake Milton | Size: 6’6″ 205 lbs. | College: SMU | DOB: 9/26/1996

Now we look at it in reverse. TJ McConnell’s value, if extended, is undeniable. Shake Milton has shown us some things over the last few weeks, especially with the Delaware Blue Coats. However, it is yet to be determined if he’ll ever be as reliable as TJ. So far, so good, but we need a larger sample size.

15. JJ Redick | Size: 6’4″ 200 lbs. | College: Duke | DOB: 6/24/1984

This ranking has nothing to do with production and everything to do with age. Also, these value rankings are not based off of how the Sixers value their players, but how they may be valued around the league. Would teams offer more for Redick than for Shake? Probably. Will it happen? No. Long-term, Milton holds more value due to his expected longevity in the league.

16. 2019 second round draft pick from Milwaukee/Sacramento (more favorable)

Here’s another solid pick in the second round, which will most likely end up in the high 30’s or low 40’s, assuming it ends up being Sacramento’s. Would I pay this pick for the services of a grizzled JJ Redick? Of course. Could this pick end up being someone serviceable? Of course.

17. 2020 second round draft pick from Brooklyn or New York (more favorable)

That aforementioned Sacramento pick is more of a sure thing than a future second, being that so much can happen in any off-season, however that is not a reason to belittle the value of this pick. Its upside is that of a pick in the low-to-mid 30’s.

18. Furkan Korkmaz | Size: 6’7″ 185 lbs. | From: Turkey | DOB: 7/24/1997

We declined his option, in case you have not heard me or anyone say that yet, so he’s an unrestricted free agent this summer. Therefore, give me the shot at that second-round prospect in 2020. That’s a trade I’d make if I’m the Sixers, however they currently need Korkmaz’s production for reasons related to having very little depth.

19. Mike Muscala | Size: 6’11” 240 lbs. | College: Bucknell | DOB: 7/1/1991

Much like Furkan, Moose’s value is largely being determined by the impending 2019 free agency period, and not by his value on the basketball court. This allows me to compare Korkmaz and Muscala strictly in a vacuum, and I’d rather have Turkey instead of Moose.

20. 2021 second round draft pick from New York

If this was a 2019 second round pick, it’d be a different story. Keep in mind that this is New York and in the blink of an eye, a swarm of high-level free agents could head there this season or next. They’re not tied down to Carmelo anymore. Having to wait until 2021 is a risk that I value less than the production and possible retention of Muscala.

21. 2020 second round draft pick from Dallas

On the flip side, New York could bomb in free agency again and that pick could be a solid asset, which is why it’s ranked higher than Dallas’ 2020 second. The development of Luka Doncic as well as the idea of surrounding him with talent leads me to believe that this pick’s upside isn’t as high as it once would have been.

22. Justin Patton | Size: 7’0″ 241 lbs. | College: Creighton| DOB: 6/14/1997

This is such a large wildcard. Justin Patton is either going to be here next year, or he’s not going to be here. Bold statement, right? However, if he stays here, signs with Philly, and impresses, his value could skyrocket. The kid has talent. Right now, he’s an unknown, which is why I value Dallas’ second more (which is me contradicting myself, being that the second is also an unknown).

23. 2023 second round draft pick from Detroit

Who the heck knows what the Pistons will look like in 2022-23, which is half the fun of having future draft picks. Also, who the heck knows what is going to happen with Justin Patton. Due to his upside, I’d take Patton over this pick, even with the injury history.

24. Anzejs Pasecniks | Size: 7’1″ 220 lbs. | From: Latvia | DOB: 12/20/1995

Here is another wildcard. We have no clue what to expect when it comes to the first-round pick who may never come over, selected by former General Manager Bryan Colangelo. The idea of him playing here and not being bad is enough to rank him, but I’d rather have that 2023 second. Not much more to say about that.

25. 2021 second round draft pick from Detroit

Unlike the 2023 second rounder, we don’t have to wait too long for this pick, however Detroit isn’t a terrible team and they are constantly fine with being a mediocre basketball team, which lessens the value of this pick. I’d rather take a shot at seeing what Anzejs has, if he decides to ever play in Philly.

26. 2021 second round draft pick from Denver

As I said, Detroit is fine with being a middle-of-the-pack team, but Denver looks to be on the upswing, which makes this pick unattractive. Of course, anything can happen in the NBA Draft, but it should be clear that a Detroit second is better than one belonging to the Nuggets.

27. 2021 Philadelphia second round draft pick

Now, we should expect and hope that the Sixers are better than the Nuggets in the 2020-21 season, which clearly explains this ranking. The Sixers are in win-now mode, therefor little value should be placed in any of their seconds.

28. Wilson Chandler | Size: 6’8″ 225 lbs. | College: DePaul | DOB: 5/10/1987

I hope Wilson Chandler hasn’t read this far into the article. He seems like a good dude and a leader, but his contract is expiring and his legs aren’t what they used to be. I’d accept a 2021 second rounder for him if the team didn’t so badly need depth. The upside of hitting on a late draft pick outweighs Chandler’s expiring contract and career.

29. 2020 Philadelphia second round draft pick

The closer we get to the current year, the less valuable the Sixers’ seconds get. There’s no reason the team should win less than 50 games, which makes this a pick in the 50’s. The value and leadership that Wilson Chandler might be spreading in the locker room outweighs the price tag of a late second.

30. 2019 Philadelphia second round draft pick

This is basically the same thing I just said, with regards to the “closer we get” part. The 2020 2nd at least has some uncertainty, being that things happen, but this one seems to be quite surely a pick in the 50’s.

31. Amir Johnson | Size: 6’9″ 240 lbs. | From: Westchester High (CA) | DOB: 5/1/1987

Unfortunately, Amir has been unplayable, but I love the guy. His athletic days are behind him and every minute he’s on the court is one less minute for Jonah Bolden (!). This said, I’d move him for a pick in the 50’s just to see what you can get.

32. Vasilije Micic | Size: 6’5″ 200 lbs. | From: Serbia | DOB: 1/13/1994

There’s a solid chance we will never see Micic in a Sixers uniform and we currently see Amir Johnson in one, mostly on the bench. I guess that makes Johnson more valuable?

33. Mathias Lessort | Size: 6’9″ 240 lbs. | Born: France | DOB: 9/29/1995

Micic has some quality highlights, so I think he is better than Lessort, who is the other guy that will probably never play a regular season game with the 76ers.