1. Joel Embiid | Size: 7’0″ 250 lbs. | College: Kansas | DOB: 3/16/1994

Joel Embiid showed toughness, grit, and emotion at the end of the 2018-19 season. He was held back by illness and knee soreness, and things like this will linger until his diet, lifestyle, and training habits allow his body to evolve to another level. That said, he’s the most valuable asset the Philadelphia 76ers have owned, maybe ever.

Note: This is where we start explaining why the above player or asset is more valuable. That’s how we determine our trade value rankings. Regarding draft picks, we will go out to the year 2024.

2. Ben Simmons | Size: 6’10” 230 lbs. | College: LSU | DOB: 7/20/1996

The Ben Simmons chatter continues to be surrounded by a layer of jump shot complaints and questions about his desire to score. In the end, he’s a 22 year old all-star. There are areas of his game that he, like most players still in the midst of their rookie contracts, has plenty of time to add layers of talent. Would I trade Joel Embiid for Ben Simmons? No. Embiid has generational trade value, and this isn’t a knock on Simmons, who is discussing a maximum extension with the 76ers.

3. Tobias Harris | Size: 6’9” 235 lbs. | College: Tennessee | DOB: 7/15/1992

The 76ers re-signed Tobias Harris to a 5-year $180 million deal with no player options in the 2019 offseason. Harris is set to be a core piece of the Sixers moving forward as a prominent scoring threat and a switchable defender at the three and four. The Sixers went out on a limb by acquiring Harris during the 2018-19 season, knowing he’d become a free agent. They sent out Landry Shamet, Mike Muscala, Wilson Chandler, and a handful of draft selections. Clearly, he is not on the same value level as Ben Simmons, who could be a top-10 trade chip in the NBA.

4. Josh Richardson | Size: 6’6” 200 lbs. | College: Tennessee | DOB: 9/15/1993

Josh Richardson was acquired from the Miami Heat in the Jimmy Butler sign and trade, and Sixers Twitter rejoiced. Richardson, much like former 76er Robert Covington, is an excellent three-and-D building block on an affordable contract. Richardson is an elite defender, capable of knocking down the three (hence three-and-D). Tobias Harris, for now, is the more valuable asset, however it is extremely close, due to the size of their contracts, mixed with their resume of production.

5. Zhaire Smith | Size: 6’5″ 195 lbs. | College: Texas Tech | DOB: 6/4/1999

‘Twas a long year for Zhaire Smith, and it was great to see him get some run before the regular season was over. He started to show signs of regained athleticism and some range. We all know he can defend with the best of ’em. His value is still high, even though a food/seed nearly destroyed his life, but his future isn’t bright enough to place him ahead of Josh Richardson, a certified two-way pro.

6. Matisse Thybulle | Size: 6’5″ 195 lbs. | College: Washington | DOB: 3/4/1997

The Philadelphia 76ers traded up to snag Matisse Thybulle with the 20th pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, sending picks 24 and 33 to the Boston Celtics. Thybulle is a defensive stud, and he has a real chance to surpass Zhaire Smith for third place, however we’ll need to see him play first. Zhaire had a rough rookie season, but his upside and age barely beats out Thybulle for the third spot.

7. Al Horford | Size: 6’10″ 245 lbs. | College: Florida | DOB: 6/3/1986

The Sixers signed Al Horford to a lucrative four-year deal, moments after signing and trading Jimmy Butler to the Miami Heat. Horford is not a youngster anymore, but he is locked in for four years and is sure to be an impactful presence in the locker room and on the court. Due to age and the size of his contract, Matisse Thybulle, albeit unproven, is a more valuable trade chip at this very moment.

8. 2024 Philadelphia first round draft pick

This draft selection will come at a time far, far away, and we have no clue what the team will look like. Future assets carry extreme value, however the value and impact of Al Horford and the youth on the 76ers outweighs of a single draft pick. A lot can happen from now until the 2023-24 season, which makes the pick an unknown, but we know what Horford will bring to the team right now.

9. 2023 Philadelphia first round draft pick

The 76ers are in win-now mode. Future draft picks are absolutely tradable, but just because they’re willing to move those picks, years out, doesn’t lessen their value; it just increases their availability. Future picks have an added layer of mystery to them. For that reason, the 2024 Philadelphia first is more valuable than this selection.

10. 2022 Philadelphia first round draft pick

Much like the 2023 first rounder, this pick is still far enough out to have enough mystery attached to it to be considered valuable. Being that it’s a year closer to their current competition window, it decreases in value a tad, which is why I have this first-round draft pick slotted below the 2023 selection.

11. Shake Milton | Size: 6’6″ 207 lbs. | College: SMU | DOB: 9/26/1986

The 76ers signed Shake Milton to an NBA contract, one year after drafting him in the back end of the second round in the 2018 NBA Draft. His value has gone up since that day, after showing signs of potential with the Delaware Blue Coats; and even with the Sixers in spurts. He is signed for four years and still has plenty of room for improvement. I’d give the 2022 Sixers first the slight edge here, due to the market value of future picks.

12. 2021 Philadelphia first round draft pick

The Sixers are in win-now mode after adding Al Horford to the team and re-signing Tobias Harris to a five-year $180 million deal, while making it clear that they’re willing to spend money in order to contend for an NBA championship. That said, I don’t expect the 2021 76ers first to hold much value, which is why I’d rather have the upside of Shake Milton.

13. 2020 Oklahoma City first round pick (top-20 protected and becomes 2022 and 2023 Oklahoma City second rounders if the pick does not convey)

This is one of three pieces the 76ers acquired in the Markelle Fultz trade with Orlando. The Sixers moved this pick when they acquired the draft rights to Anzejs Pasecniks, and now…WELCOME BACK. It has the potential to be a late first rounder (if the Thunder are a top team in the West in 2019-20), or it could become two second rounders. Being that the 24th pick in the draft has guaranteed first-round value and this selection could become two second rounders, I give the 2021 first the slight edge.

14. James Ennis III | Size: 6’7″ 210 lbs. | College: CSULB | DOB: 7/1/1990

James Ennis III took less money than he could have received elsewhere to stay in Philadelphia, a source told The Painted Lines’ Jack Connell. The source called it a “sacrifice.” Ennis is a good vet and a provides Philly with wing depth. He signed a small, two-year deal with a player option on year two. While Ennis is a nice piece to the Sixers’ puzzle (chemistry), the trade value of the OKC first has the slight edge.

15. Mike Scott | Size: 6’8″ 237 lbs. | College: Virginia | DOB: 7/16/1988

Mike Scott was re-signed by Philadelphia in the 2019 offseason to a two-year deal for $9.5 million. Scott played a huge role on the 76ers, especially in the playoffs against the Nets and Raptors. He is a fan favorite and he truly wants to be in Philly. He gives the team a nice stretch-four option off the bench, however I give Ennis III the slight edge here, due to age. They’re extremely close, with regards to on-court impact.

16. Jonah Bolden | Size: 6’10” 220 lbs. | College: UCLA | DOB: 1/2/1996

Bolden gave us some mixed messages in the 2018-19 season. When he was able to stay out of foul trouble, he showed his worth. He is an above average defender (at times) and can hit a three (at times), but it comes down to consistency. We know what we have with Jonah (at times), but I value Mike Scott a bit more. He has more of an on-court (and off-court) impact.

17. 2020 second round draft pick from Brooklyn or New York (more favorable)

The New York Knicks missed out on Zion Williamson, and the Brooklyn Nets will most likely be a fringe playoff team again in 2019-20. That said, it’s safe to assume this pick will eventually turn into the 2020 Knicks second. The question becomes ‘how much better does New York become next year?’ Being that a question needs to be posed, Jonah Bolden’s tangibility and potential upside is greater than this second.

18. 2021 second round draft pick from New York

Here is another solid asset the Sixers have in their back pocket. Again, how much better do the New York Knicks become? If they’re still struggling to put together a playoff roster in the 2020-21 season, then this is a great second rounder. But that “if” and the extra year for New York to improve makes this asset slightly less valuable than the Nets/Knicks 2020 second.

19. The best of the 2023 Atlanta, Brooklyn, or Charlotte second round draft picks

The 76ers acquired the rights to this asset on the night of the 2019 NBA Draft, where they traded the 34th pick to the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for these rights, the Hawks 2020 second round selection, and the 57th pick, which was then flipped for cash and the heavily protected Miami Heat 2024 second round selection. Although the optionality here is great, the upside of the 2021 Knicks second is a bit higher, being that they’re still in the dumpster.

20. 2024 Philadelphia 76ers second round draft pick

Much like the explanation of the 2024 Philadelphia 76ers first round selection, this pick is a ways away, and one would think the team will still be competitive, but so much can happen before the 2023-24 season. Even so, I value the triple-option second second rounder a bit more than this one.

21. Kyle O’Quinn | Size: 6’10” 250 lbs. | College: Norfolk St. | DOB: 3/26/1990

Kyle O’Quinn signed a veteran minimum deal with the Sixers this offseason, where he will serve as a depth big man behind Joel Embiid and Al Horford, alongside the growth and development of Jonah Bolden. O’Quinn is a good locker room guy and a veteran presence, which is valuable to the team, however I don’t see his trade value being too high. I’d give the Philadelphia 2024 second rounder the slight edge, due to its tradability.

22. 2022 Philadelphia second round draft pick (right to swap with Denver)

The 76ers and Nuggets both lost in their respective conference semifinals, which shows they’re competitive right now, but as we’ve already stated, we don’t know how things will look in the 2021-22 season. The Sixers have time to move this pick, which makes it valuable, however I’d pay this selection (swap rights) for the impact that Kyle O’Quinn could potentially have on the 76ers locker room and the growth of the young guys.

23. 2020 second round draft pick from Dallas

The Mavericks have a core of Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis, but outside of that, we don’t really know how good Dallas will be next year. They yielded their first-round pick to the Atlanta Hawks as part of the Trae Young-Luka Doncic trade, which increases the value of this pick, but will they be a player in free agency and can Kristaps take them to another level? Those questions make this pick a bit less valuable than the optionality of keeping that Sixers/Nuggets pick swap second in their bag.

24. 2020 second round draft pick from Atlanta

The 76ers acquired this pick in the Bruno Fernando trade with the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks are still young, but they’re on the rise. This pick could rise in value if Atlanta underperforms, however the likelihood of Dallas being worse than Atlanta is currently on my mind, making this pick slightly less valuable.

25. 2023 Philadelphia second round draft pick

Who the heck knows what the Sixers will look like in 2022-23, which is half the fun of having future draft picks. If the Sixers pick is lower than 42, then the process might be wearing off, which is a sad thought. Even though this pick is four years away, I don’t think it’ll be better than the 2020 Atlanta second rounder.

26. 2022 second round draft pick from Toronto

The Raptors just won the title, but there are looming questions about the future of Kawhi Leonard. If he leaves Toronto, along with an aging Kyle Lowry, Marc Gasol, and Serge Ibaka, this pick could end up being a decent second. Being that the Sixers 2023 second is another year out, I value it a tad more.

27. 2021 Philadelphia second round draft pick (Houston can Swap)

Even though the Toronto Raptors just won the NBA championship, I see a future Philadelphia asset, the Sixers 2021 second, being less valuable than a Toronto asset, especially one that’s another year out (2022). The likelihood of this selection being worse than the Raptors 2022 second (even with the Houston Rockets having the right to swap their second with this one) is high, which is why I placed this one lower.

28. 2021 second round draft pick from Denver

Denver looks to be on the upswing, which makes this pick unattractive. Of course, anything can happen in the NBA or the NBA Draft for that matter, but it looks like Denver will be a contender in the West for quite a while. I literally just flipped a coin, and it determined that this pick is less valuable than the Sixers 2021 second.

29. 2020 Philadelphia second round draft pick

If the Sixers are able to run it back, or at least bring some semblance of the team they rostered in 2018-19 (with a viable bench), there’s no reason this pick won’t be in the 50’s; plus you’ll have less time to use this asset in a trade, which is why I’d rather stash the Denver pick.

30. Marial Shayok | Size: 6’6″ 205 lbs. | College: Iowa St. | DOB: 7/26/1995

The 76ers selected Shayok with the 54th pick in the 2019 draft, which was their own selection. Shayok is a good shooter, however he turns 24 years old this summer, making him a bit less valuable. I’d expect to see Shayok be a two-way player for the Sixers this coming season, spending most of his time in Delaware. That said, I’d rather have the 2020 76ers second than Shayok. I think they can do better with another late pick.

31. Vasilije Micic | Size: 6’5″ 200 lbs. | From: Serbia | DOB: 1/13/1994

There’s a solid chance we will never see Micic in a Sixers uniform, which is why a late second (Shayok) could be of more value than the thought of Vasilije playing minutes in Philadelphia. Keep an eye on him, though. He is improving, and he has jumped Anzejs Pasecniks, which is sad.

32. 2024 Miami Heat second round draft pick

This draft selection was acquired in the 2019 draft-night trade, sending Jordan Bone to the Detroit Pistons for this pick and $2 million in cash. This pick is heavily protected and will only convey if it’s one of the final picks in the draft. This pick, per RealGM, “is protected for selections 31-50 and 56-60 or to Cleveland protected for selections 31-55 (Miami’s obligation to Cleveland and/or Atlanta will thereafter be extinguished).” Being that this pick may evaporate into thin air, give me Micic, and the hopes that he one day join the 76ers.

33. Emir Preldzic | Size: 6’9″ 220 lbs. | Born: Bosnia and Herzegovina | DOB: 9/6/1987

Preldzic was acquired in the Malachi Richardson trade, along with the 2022 Toronto second rounder. He was selected 57th in the 2009 NBA Draft and is the oldest of the Sixers’ stashes, so he is ranked accordingly (lower than a fake second rounder).

Updates will follow as transactions are made.