Here at PFO we are focused on following passions, exploring new viewpoints, and giving a voice to new thoughts. Over the past few months, I have been working with Raghav Hardas on a partnership with his exciting alternative broadcast platform Squawkr. We are pleased to announce that the app is ready, and we are going to begin using the platform as another avenue for expression and engagement with our community. But enough from me, let’s hear from Raghav.

Post by Raghav Hardas – Founder Squawkr

Chris Webber once called Ben Simmons “amphibious,” the national media thinks The Process lasted eighty-four years, and Jeff Van Gundy isn’t even the worst Van Gundy.

It’s not that these announcers are bad –

(They definitely are)

– It’s that they don’t know the team like we do. They don’t have the same passion. But we’re still forced to watch the game with these rubes.

As founder of Squawkr, I’m thrilled to be announcing a partnership with PFO for the launch of Squawkr and officially launching the app on iPhone. (Sorry Android fans, but if things go well, we’ll build the Android version ASAP)

The idea behind Squawkr is to watch the game with your community.

It’s a place where anyone can live stream his or her own audio commentary in sync with the action on TV. Go live, chat with your listeners, and add co-hosts to join the conversation.

I grew up in the Philly suburbs, and my parents used to tease me that my group of friends was like the United Nations. We were every shade, and every background – from A-students to MIA-students.

Sports as a Connector

The thing that brought us together was sports. Actually, they’re the only childhood friends I’ve stayed in touch with into adulthood.

We just went from playing backyard football and trading baseball cards to playing fantasy football and trading GIFs of Gritty.

For most fans, sports are a bond, and we know our teams better than anyone. So yeah, I think it’s time we got to speak for ourselves.

That’s why I’m unreasonably excited to have PFO Philly and the brand new Sixers in 6 network on board – to tap into that bond while the game’s on – with live Phillies and Sixers game commentary on Squawkr.

Hold on. Is Squawkr only live game commentary? Glad I asked. The answer is NOPE.

Squawkr was made for two types of shows: Companion commentary (for live TV) and stand-alone “live radio” shows.

PFO and Sixers in 6 will be bringing you both over the next few weeks:

76ers Game Commentary

The original hosts of the Hesi Darien May, Cliff Jackson, and JayShawn Joyner have gone super saiyan evolving the pod into the whole brand called Sixers in 6.

SI6 is bringing barbershop talk to the game. Listen to them on Squawkr starting with Game 1 of the 76ers playoffs run.

PFO Philly will give you the scoop before tipoff, with Jason Blevins’ live pregame show direct from press row. Jason may even get some locker room interviews postgame. Stay tuned for that.

Phillies Games Commentary

For Phillies games, the hosts of the Stupid Money pod Ben Seltzer & Ty Daubert will be feeding into the Harper hysteria all season long.

Game of Thrones Post Show

PFO is taking the Iron Throne after the credits roll with instant recaps and reactions after each new GoT episode. 

Weekly Shows

In the offseason, Sixers in 6 goes into OT with regular shows during the week. Topics may include: Eagles talk, Batman slander, breaking news, and all around good vibes.

And more to come…

PFO and SI6 are adding more shows to their networks on Squawkr, and there are a few more blogs and podcasters joining the lineup shortly. Follow @squawkr_app on Twitter for updates.

I’d also like to add commentary for March Madness, WWE MLS, EPL, NHL playoffs, and even reality shows like Survivor. If that’s something you want to do, shimmy into the @squawkr_app Twitter DMs and let’s connect.

Seriously, do it. I believe in you! That’s the whole point of Squawkr – to give anyone an opportunity to get on the mic and have his and her voice heard.

You don’t need to fight tooth-and-nail to break into radio for a sliver of airtime. You’ve got a radio station in your pocket now. Go live right from your phone, host your own stream and let your culture, personality, and perspectives be heard.

If you ever wanted to start your own podcast, but didn’t know where to begin, Squawkr is the work around.

The only difference: all content lives in the moment. Once the show ends, it’s gone for good, nothing is saved. No receipts, no filter. Feel free to be your authentic self.

Just know with great power comes great responsibility.

I don’t mean to be your Uncle Ben, Peter, but as the first ones on Squawkr, it’s up to us to make it what we want it to be. 

Once upon a time Twitter was a friendly place, too, but it’s become a bit toxic. I hope we can leave the vitriol there. Squawkr’s format should help – long form audio promotes real conversation, where 280 characters can’t. Still, it’s up to us to set the tone.

So when you add a Boston fan to your gamecast, definitely talk trash, but do it in a way where you still want to grab a beer with them when they come to town. Let Cowboys fans know: Yes, Dallas sucks, but we say it with Brotherly Love.

This thing may be starting in Philly, but don’t let the laundry change you. If we’re on Squawkr together, we’re on the same team.

It’s a brand new era. All of our teams are trending up. The stars have aligned. Now, let’s have some fun.

Please share this post with more Philly fans and any aspiring broadcasters you know, “Favorite” PFOPhilly and SixersIn6 on Squawkr (so you get a notification when they go live), and let’s experience this run together.