Welcome to the Paint and Pendulum! So strap in and buckle(r) up, Grab your maidens and Glaives. Join us for an immersive collaborative storytelling improvisation. 

Suppose you’ve played a role-playing game either online or on a tabletop. Well, this web series is very similar. But with perhaps some surprises to add depth and flair to the experience. 

In episode 1, we meet our heroes as they begin their journey in the town of Broadwalk. Famous for its consumption, indulgence, and wealth. Music in the cafes at night and revolution in the air, it has become a haven for social adventurers, expatriates, and the entertainment that they crave. Broadwalk was founded by men who made their fortune in the mines and wanted to retire with wine, comfort and song. 

This episode features musical performances from Megan Mondigo and Nate Maingard. 

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Running time 1 hour 44minutes