We’re back for another installment of PPI. A lot has happened in the NBA since our last update, especially in Philly. So let’s take a look at how teams are stacking up as of games through February 6th.

NBA Conclusions

The Top-5 sees some change with the Raptors passing the Clippers for third place and the Celtics jumping the Luka-less Mavericks. Utah dropped 2.68% from the last update, but they aren’t the biggest dropper in the playoff hunt. That title belongs to the Philadelphia 76ers, more on them below. Boston will hope to keep pace with not only the Raptors for the 2-seed, but also to hold off the Heat for the 3-seed, as they face the league’s 3rd hardest schedule up until the All-Star break, as well as the 4th hardest remaining schedule overall.

Philadelphia Seventy Sixth Seeds

The Sixers played four games since the last update, and they lost them all. Not only did they lose these four games, but they lost them by an average margin of 18.25 and their closest loss was a 10-point beatdown at the hands of the 3rd worst team in Atlanta. Philly is now 9-19 on the road and are clearly a notch or two below the top-4 teams in the East. A first round playoff exit is looking more and more likely for this squad unless something drastic changes.

76ers Betting Nuggets for the Week

PPI can also project matchup outcomes. For the 3 games this week, here are the expected margins:

  • Grizzlies (home) – 76ers by 6.3 points
  • Bulls (home) – 76ers by 9.1
  • Clippers (home) – 76ers by 0.4

Below is how likely the Sixers are to win none to all of their next four games.

  • 2 of 3 games: 47.26%
  • All 3 games: 31.06%
  • 1 of 3 games: 19.41%
  • 0 of 3 games: 2.27%