We return to the world of Live Play Table Top Role Playing with episode 2!

The Quintex has investigated the death of Frederick, the “Hero.” The Alderman named Lac de Ceata, says the world is on the brink of war after a treachery fire at Davidian Manor. The Manor hosted the Council of Shared Economic Prosperity in an attempt to avoid conflict by negotiating a trade deal between regions. 

Recently, a summit was called by Vestment Intermodal to discuss the economy of trade between regions. Each government is requested to have emissaries travel to Broadwalk for the five-day summit. Vestment, Harberawn, and Matria align to urge Ezmerelda to open up a vast forest known as “the Tallwood” to logging. Seemingly Harberawn needs the lumber to increase production, mine shaft reinforcements, and wagon production. Desperately, Matria wants the woods cleared to solve a food crisis due to overcrowding. They need to make room for farms to feed their people.

The Clegy has not publicly stated what they want. The lumber does not appear to be a significant concern for them. The Clegy typically use sandstone for building. They receive their sandstone from the quarries of Harberawn.There are those in the Ezmereldian wizened council who would like to expand trade.  The Wizened believe the Tallwood is a perfect source of raw materials with which to trade. 

Ultimately the Quintex agrees to smuggle the alderman out of Broadwalk and guide him safely home. Along the way, something from the murky depths attacks!


Paint & Pendulum – Nothing Good Ever Happens After Midnight