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Shane Haff – Eagles Coverage

Shane is a teacher who specializes in financial literacy and history.  He brings that mentality to every post he writes and video he records, breaking down the x’s and o’s of the NFL for fans.  Shane is married and has 3 children (1 biological and 2 adopted) who are all the same age and is an active adoption advocate.  He is a longtime Eagles fan and one of the few who didn’t throw a snowball at Santa Claus.  

@HAFFnHAFF_TPL on Twitter

Deibs – CEO of The Painted Lines, Youtube Manager

Chris is a Behavior Specialist who has worked in homes and schools with children on the Autism spectrum as well as other mental health disorders for over 10 years. His sports passion revolves around player development and scouting, most notably breaking down prospects within the NBA and NFL Draft. Chris is married with 1 child (nearly 2-year-old daughter) and is a hardcore lover of everything DC/Marvel comics and cooking food and/or smoking meats. He is a lifelong 4×4 Philly sports fan who can be found frequently walking his dog at the local park.

@mrcrockpot on Twitter

Jacob Moreno – TPL Social Media Manager


Jacob is a 16-year-old sophomore who helps run The Painted Lines on both Instagram and Twitter. He also does some work in graphic design. In addition, he covers the 76ers on Twitter and Instagram.  His Instagram page has grown a following of 20,000+. He prides himself on hard work and his end goal is to one day become a Sixers reporter! 

@sixercountry on Twitter & Instagram

Amedeo Grassia – Flyers Coverage


A recent graduate from Temple University, Amedeo brings his passion for Philadelphia Sports into his work. He is the host of the Flyer’d Up Podcast (partnered with The Painted Lines), and TTPSports on YouTube. Amedeo is a blogger with Flyers Knitty Gritty where he covered his first live game this year. All four teams drive Amedeo insane, but he is a diehard fan and wants to see them succeed. 

@AmedeoGrassia98 on Twitter


Andre/Dre/Formal – The Formal Review

Andre is a simple guy who loves to watch and analyze movies. He goes to the movies on holidays, weekends, and will even venture to the theaters by himself. He may have helped MoviePass to go under with how often he used it. Will you enjoy your time at the movies? Check out his reviews to find out! He also has a passion for physical media, home theatre, Minnesota sports, and MMA. 

@TheFormalReview on Twitter

Austin Krell – Sixers Beat Writer, NBA Reporter

Austin provides daily coverage of the Philadelphia 76ers for The Painted Lines. He also works to foster relationships with people around the NBA, striving for a better understanding of what’s to come around the league. Austin also oversees much of the organization’s daily NBA content creation.

@NBAKrell on Twitter

Tips, inquiries, comments, questions, and concerns — austinkrell@thepaintedlines.com


Joe Edinger- Phillies Writer, Editor, Other Sports and Culture Contributor

Joe graduated with a degree in Journalism and a minor in history from Temple University in 2018. He soon found his way to The Painted Lines before the 2019 Phillies season and has been covering them for TPL ever since. Joe strives to find stories that are unique and create content not seen in many other places. He also oversees most of the baseball content on the site. Joe’s main goal is to offer a measured take on baseball in Philadelphia, which he realizes sounds like an oxymoron. 

@Joe_Edinger on Twitter


Ty Book – Golf Podcast Host and Handicapper

Ty hosts the Pull the Pin Podcast where he provides picks for the upcoming PGA Tour event.  He occasionally crosses into Phillies and Eagles content as well.

Justin Persicketti – 76ers and Blue Coats Coverage

Justin is a recent graduate of Shippensburg University who reports on the Philadelphia 76ers G-League affiliate Delaware Blue Coats for The Painted Lines.  On top of reporting for the Blue Coats, Justin produces and hosts TPL’s Sixers LIVE post-game shows on YouTube!  You can follow Justin on Twitter for constant updates on the Blue Coats, 76ers, and 76ers Gaming Club.

Email justinpersicketti@gmail.com for business inquires.  

@j_persicketti on Twitter


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