Part of being involved in a small start-up is, though people do end up with positions with titles, we all tend to do what needs to be done until we get big enough to have someone in that particular role. Further, a task done by many is a task done quicker, and usually better.

A lot of work is being done both in the spotlight and behind the scenes to provide you, the content creators, with a platform to showcase your greatness. Thank you for all of the content that you generate, because we cannot spell “us” without “u.” Okay, I just gagged a bit on that one.

Name Recognition

If you go to either Google or Bing and type in either “painted lines” or “painted line,” we are page one toward the top. For those who don’t know, that’s huge. Granted, it’s noise for someone looking to re-stripe a parking lot. However, it’s our brand, and we’ve gotten to a very important spot in two of the biggest search engines.

Now it’s time to get our name out there even more. It’s absolutely critical to get the name “The Painted Lines” seen by people. We have fantastic content that is dropping every single day, and we need your help to get it seen as we enter what is sure to be a very busy season.

What Can You Do?

As content creators, I know that you want your content consumed. I know that you’d be flattered to see your content getting tweeted and retweeted by your TPL cohorts. They surely have people on their followers list that you don’t have on yours. And how cool is it when folks you don’t even know say awesome things about what you made? Recognition is motivating.

This is what we need from all of you. As you see content that your brothers and sisters of TPL have had published, give it a retweet and/or share. Better yet, say something cool about it so that it shows how important it is to you. If you do it, then others will do it as well. Bring up TPL to friends, family, and colleagues. Buy t-shirts and wear those proudly, as you are part of this great movement to help yourself and others “write what they love.”

This is what we need from each and every one of you to help this grow to the next level. If you truly believe in what we are doing here, we need you to spread the word. Share the love. Share with the world this brilliant project that YOU are an integral part of.