Why did Bess say she lived with her rick Aunt if she lives in a van? Why did she have Tiffany’s engagement ring?

Electromagnetic static

Bess and Nancy hear something which wakes them up. They find that there are weird electrical things happening in the house. The light outside and then the microwave, which actually shatters after being turned on by itself. Followed by a lamp and then the TV. The TV turns on, and you can hear Tiffany calling for help before it then seems to blow a fuse?

Bess says she thinks it was a message from Lucy.


We see a glimpse of Nancy’s past. Her mom is still alive, but clearly not doing well. She tells Nancy to go to the winter formal. My guess is that the dance was the same night that her mom died.

Nancy learns from her dad that a private coroner says that Tiffany died of natural causes. This cannot be true; why would she have called 911 all scared? Weird. Nancy wants to know what really happened to Tiffany.

So Tiffany had a sister

Laura Tandy. Tiffany’s sister says a healthy 28-year-old woman doesn’t drop dead in a parking lot. She says they need to investigate further or she will have to do their job for them.

The sheriff calls Ace and tells him to follow Laura around. He fakes sick with George, and she tells him to leave.

Is this ghost part badger?

Bess hears whispering in the employee’s only area of the diner. She looks terrified and is clearly jumpy. Why? Is she guilty, or is she running from something else? When she walks into the freezer area, she hears more whispering coming through the vent. She screams, and when George and Nancy find her, they see her legs are both bleeding badly.

Bess said she found the ring in the parking lot. She claims she likes sparkly things because they calm her, hahahaha. George says she might know someone who can help with the freezer haunting.

Laura gives Ace a vinyl and Gushers fruit snacks to thank him for tailing her – and then peppered him with questions. Laura asks if there is any way she can hear the 9-1-1 call.

Ryan and Carson are talking about when he will be able to get his money from Tiffany’s Estate since the autopsy states she died from natural causes.

Bess catches Nancy going through her stuff and learns that Nancy knows she is not who she has been claiming to be all this time.

“Ragged scratches, not too deep, definitely the doing of a new ghost.” This is what we hear from George’s clairvoyant mom. She explains that confused new ghosts think they are still alive. She says that Bess needs to be put the ring back on Tiffany’s body. Apparently, that is the only way Tiffany will rejoin her body.

George offers to put the ring back on Tiffany’s finger. She says that she was the other woman and that was wrong, that the least she can do is to help her find peace.

Fake autopsies

Nancy tells her dad that she knows the autopsy is a fake because it doesn’t mention the puncture wound behind her ear. Of course, we know the puncture wound is post-mortem, because Nancy is the one who put it there!

At Tiffany’s funeral, we see Nick missing his friend, Bess being scared, and Bess being terrified. Laura speaks to Nick and says that Tiffany always spoke highly of him.

Ace tells the sheriff that Laura doesn’t know anything more than the rest of them.

George tries to put the ring back on Tiffany’s hand, but then Everett and Ryan come in and she crawls under the coffin. For some reason, she does not put the ring back on her finger.

Bess suddenly has a British accent. She explains that her mom told her that she was related to the Marvin’s.

The infamous 9-1-1 call

During the burial, Laura plays the 9-1-1 call and spooks everyone. She wants them to know that Tiffany was murdered, that this was not a death of natural causes. Bold move, Laura, and exactly what she should have done for her sister.

Tiffany’s spirit enters George’s body. Maybe? There is some kind of mist coming up from the coffin.

Nancy Drew at the funeral
Nancy Drew — “The Haunted Ring” — Image Number: NCD104a_0351b.jpg — Pictured: Kennedy McMann as Nancy — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Nancy goes to her mom’s grave and sees her dad is there. She finally tells him that she is upset he didn’t call her when her mom died. He explains that had been her mom’s wish because she wanted her to enjoy the dance and only have the happiest of memories of their life together. I have to say, Kennedy McMann did a stellar job in this scene, she looks like she is truly grieving someone.

Nancy talks to her mom, letting her know she is starting to believe in ghosts. The reason it took her so long to believe in ghosts, she had hoped if ghosts existed that her mom would have come to her. So sad.

Carson finally grows a set

Carson drops a bomb after letting the press know about the Tiffany Hudson non-profit foundation. He says he feels the autopsy report is inconclusive. He has now made enemies with the Hudson family.

Ace and Laura end up making out in the parking lot where her sister was killed.

Is this an inside job?

Nancy goes back to watch the video from her phone taken the night that Tiffany died. She sees a ghostly figure on the screen before her laptop breaks. The shattered lines end up being a map of Horseshoe Bay. The epicenter of the crack is their high school. Of course, Nancy goes by herself to the high school and looks for clues. The ghostie static electric has followed her and lights up the trophy case. This is where she uncovers a photo of Karen and Tiffany together. Odd. Karen told Nancy they didn’t know each other well. And the plot thickens. Could our police officer friend be hiding something? Uh yeah, she is!

Nick watches surveillance video from his office space when he finds things a bit topsy turvy. Strangely he finds that Karen has rummaged through the briefcase Tiffany left for him. We see her taking a thumb drive from the case. Just what is Karen up to here? Is she the reason the case has been closed so quickly? She is on the inside after all.

George leaves the diner, and the mist enters her body for reals. She falls to the ground, lifts her head, recites the 9-1-1 call, and then passes out. The ring she was supposed to put back on Tiffany’s finger rolls out onto the parking lot, right about where it would have been found the night she died.

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