The 12th episode of Nancy Drew provides very little room or time to ease into the plot. In fact, even 10 minutes in we haven’t seen the credits or opening scene.

Larkspur Lane

After going through her mom’s old notes about Lucy Sable, Nancy finds that Lucy was afraid of her mom. Nancy immediately jumps on board this notion and begins investigating. She is trying to clear her dad’s name after all. Nancy goes to see Lucy’s brother, Josh, to see if she can speak with his mom. He explains that his mother has been in Larkspur Lane Sanitarium since Lucy died, adding that she had a stroke. 

Nancy doesn’t seem to care about those facts when she ropes George and Nick into breaking into the facility. Due to the securities of a mental hospital, this is no easy task. The trio heads down into the sewer and somehow manages to break in pretty easily. Sheer seconds after they wind up in the hospital, a baseball rolls out from seemingly nowhere. Somehow I don’t think Lucy did that, someone else is haunting this place.

The shiny life of a Marvin

Bess confides in Ace, letting him know that her (new) Aunt Diana wants to bring her into the family business. She has a meeting with Amaya, the “precious minerals” woman, and she’s freaking out. Ace lets Bess know that if anyone can fake being a business person, it would be her and she has nothing to worry about. 

Bess and Amaya clash at first, but it doesn’t take Bess long to charm her way into good graces. She says she may not know much about being a business woman, but she does know about being human. She calls Amaya out on her fake “I’m an ice queen” act. The word of the day, my friends, is “bitchsplaining.” Take it or leave it, but I’m totally using that word some day in the future.

The reach of the Hudsons

At the end of last week’s episode, we saw Mrs. Hudson standing by the bay on the phone. She was putting an order out to make sure the Drew family would pay for the damage they brought down on their family. Carson calls The Claw from prison, Looking for Nancy, but Ace answers the phone.

I have a bad feeling about Ace getting caught up in the middle of this Hudson drama again. He already spent several episodes in a coma thanks to them. After getting off the phone with Mr. Drew, Ace tries to get in touch with Nancy, but it seems that Larkspur Lane does not get a cellular signal. We see Ace drive off in a hurry, looking worried.

Ace finds Ryan Hudson at a restaurant and flat out asks him if his father ordered a “jailhouse hit on Carson Drew.” Ryan says his dad wouldn’t do something like that, which is true, we know it was his mom. The semantics do not matter though, the only way to save Carson Drew is to get him out of jail.

The haunting at Larkspur Lane

While George, Nick, and Nancy sneak through the sanitarium, they see multiple signs of the place being haunted. Nick sees black mold damage on the ceiling, Nancy sees and hears people in the hall, but on second glance, they disappear.

When Nancy gets caught roaming through the halls, she is able to talk her way out of it by saying she is a reporter from The Ledger. The orderly who had just reported her on the walkie talkie as a “runner” immediately buys into it. He asks if she is reporting about the haunting. 

The orderly shares that about three weeks ago, seance time, strange things started happening around the facility. Bugs were coming out of nowhere, climbing the wall, and black mold began spreading rapidly. Exterminators were unable to help the situation, so they called in a priest. It seems like the most likely next step, right? The priest blessed the East Wing and sealed the doors.

The fact that this orderly is, in fact, a patient telling stories, doesn’t take away from the spooky Roper Family tale he spins. I think I will have nightmares about the dead, smiling family in the Whisper Box room tonight.

Let’s play pass the shiv

As Carson Drew is walking in a single file line through the prison halls, we can see other prisoners passing a shiv amongst each other. Carson sees that his time is nearing an end; there is fear in his eyes. Just before things go down, a guard tells everyone to stand in place. He walks down the center aisle, collects Carson Drew and explains that he is going to be transferred.

Carson is put into the back of a van and who is the driver? Good ol’ Ace! How did he make this happen? I have no clue. Will this make Carson Drew look more suspicious? Probably. Did it save his life? Yes, yes it did.

Ace says he wanted to get Mr. D. out of immediate danger and get him someplace safe. Meanwhile, Carson is in the back of the van holding his head in his hands. That is right before Ace cuts the handcuffs off with a HUGE axe. Oy vey.

Next thing we see is the Drew household surrounded by police. Ace has Karen on the phone and tells her that Carson is his hostage. He says she needs to pull security footage from the prison from earlier that morning. The footage will show that Everett Hudson’s goons were setting up to kill Mr. Drew in the halls.

Only the footage doesn’t show anything. Do we believe Karen? I guess we should, but how would the prisoners know where the camera blind spots are? That doesn’t seem like good security. Maybe this place has the same security detail as the sanitarium.

Ace calls his best Bess to let her know about the issue. Her new best friend Amaya tries to chime in and then the second-best line of the show happens. “Face on mute, please.” Bahahaha.

Ryan Hudson calls Ace and helps with the whole Carson Drew issue. He says it makes him even for his dad trying to kill him earlier in the season. Okay then, I guess the pep talk from Bess and Amaya probably helped, too. Sadly, this has probably put a target on Ryan’s back. Mommy dearest is not going to like his interference.

Lucy’s Mom

Upon first glance, it does not appear that Lucy’s mom, Patrice, has suffered a stroke. She does, however, seem angry. Nancy asks her if Lucy did something to upset her, and she answered by saying, “What hasn’t Lucy done to upset me?” She starts to talk about things Lucy has done as if the year were still 1999. Ruh-roh. 

Nancy sits down and Lucy’s mom recognizes the necklace she is wearing. She deduces that Nancy is really Kate Drew, Lucy’s guidance counselor. Nancy tries to question further, but that seems to bring Mrs. Sable back to the present time and she gets very upset. The strange encounter gives Nancy the knowledge that Lucy’s mom left a secret in a Bible somewhere in the facility.

Finding the Bible

Once Nancy passes out in the Whisper Box room, she winds up in some kind of dreamlike trance. This scene is not for the faint of heart, because there are hundreds of skittering little cockroaches everywhere.

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