If you can’t take the heat, then turn the channel. Gordon Ramsay and the tenth season of MasterChef airs on Wednesday at 8pm, which means 250k is on the line and it is officially thyme to turnip the beet.

Personally, I have no idea why I love MasterChef so much. I hate reality TV. Shows like MasterChef are typically things that I stay far, far away from. However, there is something so riveting when it comes to this show. MasterChef Junior is currently wrapping up, and there will be some huge changes to the 10th season.

Aaron Sanchez and Joe Bastianich are set to return as judges. However, each judge will have one “Judge’s Pass” that will save one home cook from leaving the competition. Wednesday’s premiere will be a battle/audition round of the top 36 home cooks chopping like it’s hot to get into the Top 20.

If you’re anything like me, I always tend to root for the local people during the competition. Last week, MasterChef revealed the participants for Season 10. Here are some of the names to keep an eye on.

Manjula Sarkar, from Somerset, New Jersey

Sam Haaz, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Episode 2, which airs on Wednesday June 5th, will finish the Battle Round of auditions to round out the Top 20.

Here is the rest of the participants for next week.

  • Brielle Gunderson – Stay-at-Home Mom
  • David Ke – Electrical Engineer
  • Fred Chang – Revenue Analyst
  • Sarah Faherty – Former Army Interrogator
  • Deanna Colon – Vocal Coach
  • Camerron Dangerfield – Product Analyst
  • Dorian Hunter – Creeler
  • Noah Sims – Septic Systems Foreman
  • Alegan Garner II – Clinical Psychologist
  • Luca Schifanella – Scientist
  • Kelly Palazzolo – Carpenter
  • Liz Linn – Events Consultant
  • Micah Yaroch – Kitchen Porter
  • Vivian Aronson – Yoga Instructor
  • Windy Ross – Child Protection Supervisor
  • Wuta Onda – English Teacher
  • Evan Tesiny – Sales Coordinator
  • Kimberly White – Shoe Designer
  • Lydia Carlston – Model
  • Shari Mukherjee – Stay-at-Home Mom
  • Charli Spiegel – Bartender
  • Subha Ramiah – RD Director
  • Renee Rice – Receptionist
  • Michael Silverstein – Real Estate Flipper
  • Nick DiGiovanni – College Student
  • Jason Keefe – Truck Contractor
  • Jamie Hough – Fisherman
  • Anthony Rivera – Telecom Service Manager
  • Ari Goodstein – Sales Manager
  • Allen Soriano – Entrepreneur
  • Bri Baker – Cocktail Server
  • Mollie Guerra – Account Manager
  • Sabina Pincus – Software Sales
  • Keturah King – Freelance Writer

Gordon Ramsay told Parade Magazine last week that some of the events will include an anniversary pool party, catering a former MasterChef winner’s marriage reception, cooking for NASCAR drivers and even cooking at one of Ramsay’s restaurants in the UK.

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Here is a tapas plate to wet your whistle before Wednesday’s premiere.