Jack (@JackConnell on Twitter) and Deibs (@mrcrockpot) welcome NFL Agent Mike McCartney to the podcast! Mike McCartney is an agent for Priority Sports with clients including Kirk Cousins, Josh McCown, Haloti Ngata and many others! Make sure to follow Mike McCartney on Twitter @MikeMcCartney7! Audio and video available below!

Discussion topics include…

  • Life in the NFL for agents and players dealing with the Coronavirus
  • How the Coronavirus has impacted Free Agency and the NFL Draft
  • The impact of cancelled pro days and meetings between prospects and teams
  • Have there been any rumblings of the NFL season being pushed back?
  • The difficulty of signing rookie clients with the quarantine going on
  • How eager were you guys to work out a deal with Minnesota for Kirk Cousins?
  • The impact of Tom Brady signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • What is the outside perspective on Carson Wentz and his development?

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