Deibs (@mrcrockpot on Twitter) welcomes three legends of the sports broadcasting world. Marc Zumoff (@marczumoff), Tom McGinnis (@McGinnisThomas) and Matt Murphy (@Matt_Murphy04) join the latest edition of Party on Broad to discuss the art of the play-by-play and reminiscence on key moments in Philadelphia 76ers history. Audio and video found below!

Discussion topics include…

  • Reactions to the Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance
  • First impressions of Michael Jordan playing at the Spectrum vs Julius Erving, Mo Cheeks and a young Charles Barkley
  • Remembering the infamous moment of Allen Iverson crossing Michael Jordan in 1997
  • Marc, Tom and Matt discuss the differences between TV and radio play-by-play
  • How social media has impacted play-by-play in recent years
  • With so many technological advances, what could play-by-play look like in 5-10 years?
  • Quick reactions from Marc and Tom on some of the biggest Sixers moments in recent history

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