In a shortened NHL season, time certainly flies.  The NHL trade deadline is only a few weeks away, and like most aspects of the NHL, predicting player market prices seems like an impossible endeavor.  That being said, players will be moved and teams like the Flyers, who are in the heart of a playoff push, will be likely buyers over the next few weeks.  Here is a list of a few players I believe the Flyers may choose to target and could also be excellent fits in their current system.  

Eric Staal-Buffalo Sabres

The Flyers need scoring depth and Staal would be an excellent fit in their line-up.  Up until this year, Staal has provided steady offense in a variety of roles.  He is no longer a young superstar but could add excellent depth to the Flyers’ line-up.  Staal is also a savvy veteran with a Stanley Cup victory under his belt.  His play and experience would be a huge help for the Flyers as they battle for a playoff position.

David Savard-Columbus Blue Jackets

The Flyers’ defense has been an issue this season.  Erik Gustafsson has been mostly a bust and is a healthy scratch as of late.  The Flyers need a steady, more defensive-minded veteran presence on the back-end.  David Savard of Columbus fits the bill.  Savard has struggled at times this season but overall has solid underlying defensive numbers.  He is rarely a liability and has an expiring contract, making him the perfect candidate for the Flyers approaching the trade deadline.

Ryan Murray-New Jersey Devils  

Another shut-down type defender, Murray has struggled with injuries in his career, but when healthy is a solid top-four defender. The Devils have struggled this season and Murray is likely to be moved.  Due to his past injury issues, he could likely be had for a low-price and could easily slot into the top-four.

Nik Hjalmarsson-Arizona Coyotes

Similar to Savard and Murray, Hjalmarsson is a stay-at-home defender.  However, unlike the other two players, Hjalmarsson has three Stanley Cup victories under his belt.  Hjalmarsson is a penalty-kill specialist, though he has seen a lot of miles over the years.  His cap-hit is a bit high, but he is also on an expiring contract.

Phil Danault-Montreal Canadiens

Danault is the perfect middle-six forward that could help the Flyers’ special team woes.  He is likely had for a steep price but could be a high-impact player defensively.  Danault can play seamlessly anywhere in the line-up.  He is also on an expiring contract and could be a rental with high impact.

Taylor Hall-Buffalo Sabres

The most expensive on this list, Hall has struggled on Buffalo this year.  However, he still possesses game-breaking ability.  My guess is the Sabres’ ask will be massive, including high draft picks and prospects.  However, in a wide-open division, the Flyers may decide to take a crack at the former Hart Trophy winner.  

These are just a few options available to the Flyers at the trade deadline.  However, each offers an excellent opportunity for depth and helps the Flyers make another run at the cup this season.