Welcome the first ever Philly Front Office Jawny Awards! 2018 had it some major extremes: from the highest of highs to the biggest of disappointments. PFO would like to bring to you the BEST of the best and the WORST of the worst, Philly style. We take a look back at one of the best years in Philly sports history. Which Philly star will come home with the most Jawnies? Stay tuned… Drum roll… Here are the nominees.



The Robert Covington Award goes to the player who has both zealous supporters AND ardent attackers.

Ben Simmons

Now, you could say that the jumper is a deserving criticism. However, I would respond by saying ya boring. We know Ben should shoot 3s. It’s not news. Yet the battles rage on.

Landry Shamet

Despite taking a bow and arrow of analytics to the heart on social media recently, Landry Shamet continues to do his thing. His 3 point percentage has increased in every month he’s been a pro, but people seem to only look at his defense and rebounding numbers.

Carson  Wentz

Despite having a QB rating of over 100 the past 2 years, the debate between Nicky 6 and Carson Wentz continues.

Brett  Brown

No one gets more criticism than Brett Brown. 10-72 in 2015. 28-54 in 2016. 52-30 in 2017. The Sixers are currently in pace for another 50+ win season in 2018, yet Brett continues to receive “Fire Brett” cries from the minority on a nightly basis. It’s maddening.


Zhaire  Smith

Stop me if you heard this before: A Sixers rookie is out for the year. What makes Zhaire’s case better than the others? He got waxed by a sesame seed bagel.

Markelle  Fultz

The Markelle Fultz saga rages on. This time, he has a legit disorder behind him and his camp. There are now agents and lawyers involved as well. Will it ever end?

Nick  Foles

Tom Brady had 505 passing yards and 3 touchdowns in a Super Bowl, and it was NOT good enough to beat Nick Foles and the Birds. Winning in a defensive lockdown match is one thing, but BDN went toe to toe with one of the GOATs and outmatched him. WTF, indeed.


Tom  Brady

Not much needs to be said here. Brady has been hated since 2004 and will always be hated. The villain Brady drops a pass. The hero Foles catches a pass on almost the same play. Brady will be an enemy forever.

Dave  Hakstol

Poor Dave Hakstol. He felt the full brunt of Flyers fans disdain. He got a GM fired and turned an entire city against the Flyers. Gone are the days of having an emotionless robot behind the bench. Any Philadelphia player or coach that turns the city against a team must be considered for best villain.

Goran  Dragic

There were a lot of NBA players considered for this award, but Goran Dragic fits the bill as well as any. From his hysterics and flops to his attempts at injuring Ben Simmons by forearming him in the face and slapping him in the back of the head, there was no one you wanted to scream at more during the playoffs than Dragic.

Justice  Winslow

Justice Winslow stepped on Joel Embiid’s mask during the first round of the 2018 NBA Playoffs. This guy’s heart is cold and wicked. He’s the very definition of villain.


Philadelphia  76ers

Dribble Hand Offs: the dribble hand off is still one of the newer concepts in the NBA and seems rarely discussed when people talk basketball X’s and O’s, but with the Sixers’ offensive frustrations against elite defenses and at the end of close games, much has been made of how often the Sixers seem to utilize this tactic and if it matches the skill set of the players on the floor.

Philadelphia  Eagles

Jim Schwartz’s “Picket-fence” defense: The most frustrating part about this defense is it actually works, yet we still hate it. Since 2016-17, the Eagles have not allowed a first down with that defensive formation. They have however often conceded a good bit of field position and sometimes field goals as a result of the yards gained underneath.

Philadelphia  Phillies

Gabe Kapler’s obsession with shifts: Kapler received a lot of criticism this season despite having the Phillies in contention going into August. Most of this was a result of how often the Phillies implemented some sort of “shift,” which was on 23.2% of all opponent plate appearances. The Phillies in 2018 implemented more defensive shifts than the prior two seasons combined. To be fair, the Phillies were well behind the league in sabermetrics and analytics prior to the arrival of GM Matt Klentak in 2015, but it sure has been a sort of culture shock for Phillies fans. Big name players such as Jake Arrieta have been quite vocal in their disdain for it.

Philadelphia  Union

Jim Curtin and the Union continually ran this formation despite the lack of a #10 CAM (central attack midfielder) ideal for this formation. Curtin was often criticized for not only forcing players into a system rather than using their strengths, but for not adjusting during matches when the scheme clearly wasn’t working. (s/o @Swjones87 on twitter for helping explain this one)


Nick Foles “Skol” Chant

After giving up an opening drive touchdown to the visiting Vikings, Nick Foles led the Eagles to 38 straight points. Philly fans showed their appreciation for Foles while simultaneous mocking the entire Vikings fan base.

Subway  Pillar  Guy

We all know that Eagles fans get hype, but this guy took it to another level. Prior to the Eagles NFC championship game against the Vikings, Jigar Desai was hyping up fans on the Broad Street Line on their way to the game. His full speed collision with a pole will remain in Eagles fan lore.

Sixers  Dance  Kid

For anyone who has been to a Sixers game in the last two seasons, you are very familiar with these kids. In particular, Sixers dance kid Anthony Stuard, has gained quite a few fans with his always serious and perfect rendition of the floss. Anthony has had some competition this year as a new challenger has emerged. The new challenger doesn’t floss, but you better watch out for his orange justice and shirt lifts.

Markelle  Fultz  “SKOL”  Chant

It was the end of the regular season, the Eagles had just won the Super Bowl and Markelle Fultz made his incredible return to the court. What transpired next was one of the best Philly sports moments of the year.


Jakub Voracek & Tormund Giantsbane (Game of Thrones)

Both of these guys look like Gritty, but someone who doesn’t know either of these men well could easily get them mixed up.

Nick Foles & Jon Heder

Since Foles became an Eagles player fans have been comparing his looks to Napoleon Dynamite. There’s a resemblance to that character, but there’s an even closer resemblance to Jon Heder when he’s not playing the Napoleon Dynamite character.

Carson Wentz & Prince Harry

It’s tough to beat this comparison. I’m convinced that if they had the same accent they could swap places and fool a lot of people.


These characters don’t need any introductions. They lead Sixers Twitter in the most ‘on brand’ ways possible and with always hilarious results.






The Rights to Ricky Sanchez

Spike Eskin and Michael Levin are the Golden Gods of Sixers Twitter Nation. We have all fallen in love for Spike’s hot takes and Mike’s optimism for fringe NBA players. We are all here because of these two. Period.


The  Burner

Dave, Jason, and Brian have taken Burnergate and molded it into a podcast about all things Sixers. What is not to love?


The  Sixers  Beat

The Sixers Beat rages on between Derek “Godner” Bodner, Rich Hoffman, and Mike O’Connor. There is no one better in the Biz than Derek.


The  Hesi

Darien May, Cliff Jackson, and Jayshawn Joyner bring a dose of reality to the Sixers podcast universe.



Chris Long & Fletcher Cox

Christopher and Fletcher have taken over as Philadelphia’s budding bromance. I’m going to keep this nomination short, because I can really get in trouble with the euphemisms in this one. Congrats on the nom, Long-Cox.

Ben Simmons & Joel Embiid

Late game turnovers have defined these two early in their careers, but the talent and ceiling is immense.

Gabe Kapler & Sabremetrics

What is going on inside Gabe’s head? Why is Rhys Hoskins in the outfield? Why is Scott Kingery at short? Why is he calling for a pitcher without one warming up in the bullpen? Regardless, he’s our manager and we love him.

Marc Zumoff & Alaa Abdelnaby

If you’re a Sixers fan, then it doesn’t get any better than these two. They are the lifeblood of the fans and bring us all comfort when we can watch this duo on NBC Sports Philadelphia instead of ESPN.


Jimmy  Butler

Here in Philadelphia, we love to believe that men worth $200 million are just the same as us, because, unions? I think? Anyway, blue collar sports figures have been part of our identity for decades. Minivan? Check. His incredible journey to stardom? Check. Summers locked away with no Internet? I love it.

Jason  Peters

Despite all the injuries this season, the 36 year old continues to show up and refuses to go on the IR. He might not make it through an entire game, but there is no doubt that he brings his lunch pail to work every week.

TJ  McConnell

What honestly is there left to say about TJ? Despite being undersized and with limited athleticism, he makes due with his heart and hustle, and he’s the ultimate gamer. Don’t believe us? YouTube the “TJ Game” during game 4 vs the Celtics in the 2018 NBA Playoffs. Never-mind. I’ll do it for you.

Shake  Milton

Between Delaware and Philadelphia, Shake Milton has traversed more land than any of the 122 Lord of the Rings movies. Despite all the traveling, Shake continues to dominate the G League while getting spot minutes with the Sixers.


Boston  Celtics

As Philadelphia fans have learned over the years, all Boston fans can be insufferable and inflammatory. The elitist attitude, coupled with vulgar language and instances of racism paint this fanbase as one of the worst in the league.

Minnesota  Vikings

Vikings fans showed their true colors before, during, and after the NFC Championship game. There were several threats made to Philadelphia fans. They put a Vikings jersey on Rocky. They intentionally joined Uber and Lyft to drop Philadelphians attending the Super Bowl in the wrong places. This level of pettiness cannot be understated.

The  New  York  Mets

The Mets fans will always find themselves on the worst opposing fanbase lists. The definition of fair-weather, they are more obnoxious than any other opposing fanbase in the MLB, and it doesn’t matter how bad their team is. They will talk trash just to be annoying.


Aron  Baynes

Baynes was basically a garbage can all season long. Baynes and his man-bun found a three-point stroke against the Sixers and aided in our demise. In the next round, Baynes was awful again and the Celtics were sent packing.

Spencer  Dinwiddie

Last year against the Sixers, Spencer averaged 17.5 ppg vs. the Sixers and 12.6 against the rest of the league. So far this season, Dinwiddie has averaged 27.3 ppg vs. the Sixers and 17.4 against the rest of the league. He isn’t worst in the sense that he’s bad. He’s just terrible to play against if you’re a Sixers fan.

Case  Keenum

Unlike Dinwiddie, Keenum is just bad. He showed a few glimpses of competency and that was enough to fool QB connoisseur, John Elway. Keenum was exposed in the NFC Championship game and has continued being exposed throughout this season.S

Bryce  Harper

Bryce Harper is a Phillie killer. He has hit the 2nd most HRs and has the 3rd most total bases against the Phillies compared to any other team in baseball. Harper is never NOT hitting home runs versus Philadelphia.


Joel  Embiid

It’s safe to say that it’s gotten to the point that people look forward to Joel Embiid’s posts on Twitter and Instagram. From his ridiculous geotags on insta to his ruthless trash talk on Twitter, Philly fans have come to love Joel for the expert troll that he is and laud him for bringing a new kind of trash talk culture to sports. (Also, Rihanna, where you at?)

Ben  Simmons

You have a joke about Ben? Well guess what, he’s in on it. No one is more self-aware and unshakeable on social than Ben Simmons, and if you want to post that joke, just prepare yourself for the clap back. You think you’re ready? You’re not. You just got bodied by Ben Simmons, son.

Chris  Long

There was no #OOTD quite like Long’s for the Super Bowl parade (except maybe Kelce’s), which inspired Halloween costumes galore (and my own Sixers game day attire). But nothing comes close to all the charitable promotion Long does on his social media channels. Especially on platforms rife with users roasting and bullying each other, this defensive end has a big heart and it shows.

JJ Redick (Not on social media)

JJ Redick does not have social media accounts, yet he is very online. The concept that he is not on social media channels makes him even more present on those social media channels than he would be if he had accounts on those social media channels… My brain hurts.


Big brands and organizations are finally getting the hang of social media and thank goodness. It was getting rough out there. Philadelphia’s sports teams have really stepped up their game and delivered what fans desire most: game day graphics, athlete photos, animated gifs, and memes. All this quality content has helped create a stronger community amongst Philly sports fans, especially on such volatile platforms like twitter.






Andre  Drummond

Special apologies to our to man Andre Drummond, who really did put up a good fight throughout his career.

Hassan  Whiteside

It honestly is nice to see him bounce back from a horrific year last year, but his contract is EXTREMELY ASS, and his 3pt shot that he suddenly loves is EXTREMELY ASS.

Eli  Manning

The Eagles have beaten Eli Manning 4 of the last 5 games, and Eli has thrown 8 interceptions in those games. Domination.


Sixers  Rocky  Theme

Chris Heck’s latest foray into the fashion world took him to a Philadelphia favorite: Sweatpants. In the country’s foremost leisure-wear city, a soft heather gray palate was a major success.

Flyers’ Black Jerseys

This season for the Philadelphia Flyers has been frequently likened to a funeral, with the departures of Hextall and Hakstol looming large. With that, a black uniform was certainly in order, and these sweaters are fit for the morbid tone of the season.

Blue Coats’ New Jerseys

In the biggest rebranding of the year, the Delaware 87ers became the Blue Coats, paying homage to Delaware’s important role in our nation’s history. These brilliant blue and white uniforms, complete with a likeness of Caesar Rodney’s ride for independence, are a welcome change for the G-League’s premier franchise.


TJ McConnell

What a journey it has been for TJ’s hair. From buzz cut to hard gel, the McConnell ‘do has been a work in progress for years, but his marriage has seemed to do him well, earning him his first nomination in this esteemed category.

Robert  Covington

RoCo has been rocking a fantastic hairstyle for years, but the academy (and NBA 2k) have just now begun to take notice. Like his defense, Covington’s hair is under the radar, but when you take a closer look, it’s clearly some of the best in the league.

Markelle  Fultz

While Thoracic Outlet Syndrome has sidelined Markelle Fultz from the basketball court, he and his mother have taken no days off from his hair game. Rocking braids that are reminiscent of Allen Iverson, this “Little Dude” does The Answer proud, making sure he’s lined up every time he steps out into the limelight.

Carson  Wentz

A dark horse candidate, what Wentz lacks in style, he makes up for with his vibrant color, taking Andy Dalton’s crown of Red Headed QB’s.



For about 20 minutes, the whole country stared at the announcement of Gritty. People were bewildered, surprised, angry, happy, well all ends of the spectrum. Then, as if by magic, there was a near universal love for Gritty that has continued to grow. Gritty is here to stay and plans on changing the way mascots play the game.

Carter  Hart

After fans clamored for Hart, he finally got his chance and won his first two games. Hart has struggled since but has shown flashes of what Flyers fans hope is the goalie of the future.

Rhys  Hoskins

Hoskins had a solid 2017, but this past season, he cemented himself as a cornerstone of the future of the Phillies. Hoskins has power and is an above average first baseman. Hopefully, he will regain his natural position this season.

Landry  Shamet

Shamet has exceeded the expectations of everyone in Philadelphia except maybe himself. Shamet is an incredibly hard worker and a pleasant surprise for all Sixers fans.


JJ  Redick

The veteran sniper helped the Sixers get their first playoff series win of the Brett Brown era due in large part to his ability to knock down tough 3’s and to spread the floor. His veteran presence was instrumental in knocking off the Heat in the first round, and he scored 24+ in 3 of the 5 games during that Miami series – with a team-leading 27 in game 5 to close out the series.

Donte DiVincenzo

The Villanova National Championship team was a collection of supporting athletes, so it is difficult to pick one for this award. But, I would say Mikal Bridges and Jalen Brunson were the lead athletes on this team, and Donte, as the 6th man, was in a clear supporting role. Nobody will forget DD’s 31 points against Michigan in the National Title game this past April.

Alshon Jeffery

After many seasons without a true #1 WR, Howie Roseman traded for Chicago Bears WR Alshon Jeffery, and the veteran WR delivered in a big way. In the Super Bowl game against the New England Patriots, Jeffery had 73 yards, including a 36-yard touchdown catch from Nick Foles that most Eagles fans will never forget.


Ben  Simmons

Hard to call Ben Simmons a supporting athlete, but I think most would agree that Joel Embiid played the lead on last season’s Sixers team and is continuing to do so during the first part of the 2018-19 season. Ben led the Sixers to 16 straight wins to close out the regular season and helped the Sixers win their first playoff series in six years. He also won the NBA ROY award.

Rhys  Hoskins

For the Phillies, Aaron Nola clearly put himself in the lead athlete role on that team. But, the clear #2 athlete on this team in 2018 was Rhys Hoskins. The Phillies’ slugger hit 36 bombs and had 96 RBIs in 2018 and looks like he is on his way for an even better season in 2019.

Shayne Gostisbehere

The Flyers’ defenseman emerged during the 2017-2018 season to give the Flyers a legitimate defenseman who has helped the Flyers’ power play with his offensive skills. Ghost hasn’t had the strongest start to the 2018-19 season, but the overall impact on the 2018 Calendar Year is easy to see.

Seranthony Dominguez

Seranthony had an extremely impressive debut season last year with the Philadelphia Phillies. Seranthony is a major piece of the Phillies bullpen for the foreseeable future.


Barbara Bottini (Colangelo)

Babs thought she was helping defend her husband when all she was doing was destroying his career. Sixers fans rejoiced when Bryan Colangelo finally went down. He is now just a footnote in Sixers history. Barbara, the city thanks you.

Dr. Lycedia Holmes (Richaun Holmes’ Mom)

There are a lot of fiercely loyal parents in sports, and Holmes’ mother is no exception. She was quick to throw Colangelo under the bus and very much wanted her son to stay in Philly. He would have been a very welcomed sight off the bench this season.

Taryn Hatcher

Philadelphia sports fans haven’t fallen in love with a sideline reporter this hard…maybe ever. Hatcher has been a wonderful addition to the Flyers broadcast. After the departure from Molly Sullivan, fans were left upset and confused about the direction NBC was taking. Those complaints have considerably subsided.

Bob Muscala

In this classic case study of a white male’s psyche, the elder Muscala gets in quite the predicament when he puts out some senseless and horrendous words on social media.


Dario Saric’s Day Off

In this feat of cinema, everyone’s favorite Homie drunkenly roots on his homeland of Croatia in their unlikely march to the World Cup final. With no subtitles necessary, the audience is enthralled by Dario’s sheer passion, seen regularly on the court as well.

Legs and Barbara Bottini in “5$”

In a cultural investigation, Legs discovers a wife’s protection of her spouse through an Italian quirk which puts the dollar sign after the amount. This view into Italian daily life helped audiences to understand a love that transcends continents.

The Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics in “Busted Rims”

In this British Tragedy, the two teams matched up for a Sixers home game across the pond. In the second half, the Sixers had a 22 point lead, but rims adjusted by the Celtics training staff at halftime would allow that lead to dwindle, and ultimately send Sixers fans into a collective depression for months.



A normal collar. The last two digits of a phone number. The University of Chicago basketball team. In this public scandal of epic proportions, both family and basketball values were put to the test. Over the three week miniseries, what started as an anonymous twitter tip turned into something massive, costing the Sixers a chance at top tier free agents.

Pure  Sweat  Basketball

From JoJo’s dominance to obscured Fultz shot footage to his girlfriend “trying to find a phone,” this Drew Hanlen production had viewers on the edge of their seats all summer long. While his audience has since turned on him, referring to the drama as “Pure Sucka Basketball,” Hanlen took hold of Sixers Twitter and didn’t let go until the bitter end.

“The Shift,” A Gabe Kapler Production

In the premier season of The Shift, Kapler certainly made waves with his use of relief pitchers and coconut oil. A strong believer in analytics, Kapler divided the Philly sports world, and in the season one finale, he had a heated argument with Sports Radio 94.1 WIP’s Angelo Cataldi. Renewed for season 2 of The Shift, “Stupid Money,” coming this spring, Kapler will see if he can continue to enthrall audiences enough to avoid cancellation.

Landry Shamet and Sixers Science

In this short two part miniseries, Sixers blogger Eric Sidewater blamed rookie Landry Shamet’s lack of rebounding and defense for the Sixers’ struggles against top tier opponents. Despite Shamet’s status as the top rookie 3-point shooter in the league, Sidewater felt that the first year player had not done enough to merit a spot in the rotation. Yes, even with the Sixers’ incredibly shallow bench. Twitter immediately turned on Sidewater, and in part two, he admitted his foul to save face after a series of gaffes related to the original helped him to lose any credibility he had earned prior.


The Philadelphia Union  lose  3-0  in  the  US Open  Cup

It’s no surprise that this is the one of the only mentions this team will get this year. The Union falling flat on their face in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Fin is a clear nominee for this Jawnie. Yet another finals appearance for a team that still has yet to win any hardware in franchise history – and they blow it yet again, giving up two first half goals to the Houston Dynamo, giving up a clean sheet in the process.

Ben Simmons, Game  2  vs  the  Celtics  in  the  2018  NBA Playoffs

As much as we love Ben Simmons, we have to mention his 1 point performance against the Boston Celtics in the second round of Eastern Conference Playoffs. I don’t want to talk about that one any longer than we have to.

Eagles lose to the Panthers 21-17

The Eagles were up 17-0 in the 3rd quarter, and everything was falling into the place. In the most Philly way possible, the Eagles proceed to give up 21 unanswered points to the Carolina Panthers to lose a key game in October.


Eagles are Super Bowl Champions!

An amazing run with a backup QB that culminated with a Super Bowl victory over the GOAT QB and GOAT head coach, which included the greatest Super Bowl play-call of all time by Nick Foles and Doug Pederson. I am still surprised that Philly survived 2018.

Sixers beat Miami, and JJ makes Brett Brown ring the bell

A personal favorite of mine and a many Sixers fans. After JJ Redick scored 27 points to ice the Miami series in April, Brett told him to ring the bell that the Sixers ring after each victory. JJ returned the honor to Brett Brown as it was the first playoff series victory of his career. For the fans that watched Brett endure the lean Process years, this was a special moment.

Brian Dawkins Hall of Fame Speech

Brian Dawkins is one of the most beloved Philly athletes of all time. There wasn’t a dry eye in Philadelphia when Brian Dawkins gave his Hall of Fame speech in August.

Villanova wins the National Championship

Villanova captured its third National Title in team history in April of 2018. An amazing run by a balanced and well-coached team solidified Nova’s 2nd title in the last 3 years.


Joel  Embiid

2018 was Embiid’s first full, healthy season (save for a few weeks missed due to a broken face, which was broken by Fultz shoulder, which also happens to be broken to an extent) and he delivered in a big way. As a main presence for the Sixers all the way through their postseason run, The Process has proven he’s an integral part of the Sixers’ squad and should be for seasons to come.


After our star quarterback Carson Wentz was carted off the field due to a torn ACL, Eagles fans were convinced the season was over for Philadelphia. However, slowly but surely, Nick Foles and the rest of the Eagles crew powered through for win after win, leading all the way up to the Super Bowl – which they also won. Not sure if you remember that. Foles won Super Bowl MVP, and we were blessed with a parade and the now-famous Underdogs Run Faster speech.

Claude Giroux

This veteran player’s contribution to the Flyers lineup is indisputably one of the biggest in recent history for the franchise. His strong possession game helps elevate the players around him and proves Giroux is just a complete, well-rounded player. This all-star was nominated for multiple awards and honors for the 2017-2018 season and continues to have another strong showing this season.

Aaron  Nola

“IT’S NOLA DAY!!” was always the resounding theme on twitter on the days the star pitcher would start and for good reason. Nola was an all-star and finished in third place for the Cy Young Award and 13th in NL MVP voting. Luckily for the Phillies, this bonafide ace is only 25 years old, with more room to develop and grow with the team.


The  Philly  Special

What more can be said about arguably the greatest play in Philadelphia sports history. The perfect combination of guts and execution, this play will be shown for generations. For the Philadelphia faithful, it will never get old.

Jimmy Butler Buzzer Beaters

When the Sixers traded for Jimmy Butler, they knew they were getting a veteran presence that knew how to close out games. However, I don’t think anyone expected Jimmy to hit two game-winning threes within his first six games. The future is bright, trust the process.

Vince Velasquez Beaned by Ball/Throws with Non-Pitching Hand

This was one of the truly remarkable plays of the MLB season. Velasquez took a line drive off his pitching elbow, dropped his glove, got to the ball, and threw a laser beam to first to get the out with his non-pitching hand. Subsequent to making the out, Velasquez rolled around on the ground in significant pain before being removed from the game. This is the kind of play that Philadelphians love and appreciate.

Jason Kelce’s Speech

What could be more memorable than a Super Bowl victory? Jason Kelce gave a speech that brought all of Philadelphia to their knees. While the Legend of Nick Foles had just begun, Jason Kelce created one of his own…


Doug  Pederson

Doug finally led the Eagles to the promised land. He made all the right moves and said all the right things and will be a legend in Philadelphia history for the rest of time.

Brett  Brown

Brett Brown takes a lot of flak from fair-weather fans as well as diehards. Brown is always working his butt off and tries to motivate his players to give 110% on both ends all game. Brown may not win a championship here, however, he has been at the helm during the process, and he’s still got a few more wars to fight.

Gabe  Kapler

Kapler is a perfect example of Philadelphia fans’ lack of patience. Radio callers and message board posters were calling for his head ten games into the season. Kapler blocked out the negative energy while listening intently to criticism and was even briefly in the conversation as a playoff team. With some extra help, the Phillies will hopefully start competing in the NL this coming season.

Jay  Wright

Wright has been beyond stellar in his tenure with Villanova. His fantastic recruiting and coaching has led Villanova to NCAA championships in two of the last three years. He is in the conversation for the best coach in America. During this past year’s NCAA Tournament, there was barely a doubt that Villanova would win it all again. Incredible accomplishment for a once small program.


Joel  Embiid

Embiid has garnered quite the reputation for flopping in the NBA. Embiid is known for a swing through shot whenever his defender gets too close. Perfecting this move, which he clearly learned from James Harden, has assisted Embiid in getting to the line more than any player in the league.

Nick  Foles

Foles’ sell on the Philly Special was just as important as catching the ball. The whole world (sans the Eagles players and staff) were completely fooled by Foles’ little moment of acting, and you can’t argue with the results.


Gritty is an international phenomenon. Gritty has been on late night TV, has been chatted up by a laundry list of celebrities, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. His acting on Twitter and Instagram is top notch, and his in-game antics rival the best mascots in sports.