Tomorrow is the big day, the 2021 NHL Entry Draft.  While it was anticipated the Seattle Kraken would make a slew of trades that would influence the draft order, none of this actually came to fruition.  Instead, barring trades between today and the actual draft tomorrow, it appears the draft order is more or less set.  

Every year, I attempt to predict the first three rounds of the NHL draft.  There are going to be many surprises in this one and my mock draft attempts to build this in.  Withouth further ado, here are my predictions for the 2021 NHL Draft.

1.Buffalo Sabres-D Owen Power

Power seems to be the consensus number one prospect in the draft.  The Sabres need help and depth at all positions.  He makes perfect sense at number one.

2. Seattle Kraken-C Matthew Beniers

I could see the Kraken taking a long look William Eklund or even Brandt Clarke here at number two.  However, I might be over thinking it somewhat here, though I do think Eklund could be the guy taken as well.  Beniers is a solid two-way center who can fit nicely in anywhere in an NHL line-up when he’s ready.  The Kraken took very few centers in the Expansion Draft, so filling out that position is a mediate need for the franchise.

3. Anaheim Ducks-C Mason McTavish

The Ducks took a defenseman last season and desperately need scoring help.  WHL forward Dylan Guenther and OHL Center Mason McTavish are two options here that make sense for the Ducks.  McTavish is a center, and would form a formidable one-two punch down the middle with budding star Trevor Zegras.

4. New Jersey Devils-D Luke Hughes

The Devils need defense, and Jack’s brother is a perfect fit here at number four.  They Devils could also target Brandt Clarke, a defenseman with some high offensive upside.

5. Columbus Blue Jackets-D Simon Edvinsson

The Jackets are rumored to lose Seth Jones, and soon via trade.  They need defenseman sooner rather than later.  Edvinsson is a big, fast defender with some upside.

6. Detroit Redwings-W William Eklund

Eklund is the perfect Steve Yzerman pick.  Though Yzerman would likely prefer a center, Eklund is fast and highly skilled.  He could be a potential play-driving winger, and a nice compliment to fellow Swedish prospect Lucas Raymond.

7. San Jose Sharks-W Dylan Guenther

The Sharks need a bit of everything, and Guenther is a goal-scorer from the WHL.  Both fit the mold of what the Sharks have looked for and drafted in the past few seasons.

8. Los Angeles Kings-D Brandt Clarke

If Clarke is somehow still available at eight, the Kings’ will happily snatch him up.  The offensive defender has a high ceiling and will be another blue-chip prospect for the loaded Kings.

9. Vancouver Canucks-C Kent Johnson

The Canucks pick will be an easy one.  Johnson will likely be the consensus best player available.  He has the best hands in the draft.

10. Ottawa Senators-C Cole Sillinger

The Sens need a goalie, but they could also use some center depth.  Cole Sillinger, the son of former NHL Mike seems like an obvious choice here at 10.

11. Arizona-No Pick(Forfeited)

12. Chicago Blackhawks-G Jesper Wallstedt

The Hawks will be hard pressed to pass up on the best goalie in the draft.  Wallstedt is a future number one, star goalie.

13. Calgary Flames-C Chaz Lucius

The Flames’ are in need of replacing Mark Giordano sooner rather than later, but such was the case last year and the Flames opted until later rounds to take defenders.  With most of the big names off the board, the Flames can take a chance on Chaz Lucius, a wild-card goal-scoring center.

14. Philadelphia Flyers-W Matthew Coronato

The Flyers have some options here at 14, but Coronato seems like a slam dunk.  He led the USHL in goals and is considered by some to be the best goal-scorer in this draft class.

15. Dallas Stars-D Carson Lambos

The Stars are rumored to be shopping John Klingberg, and could use some overall defensive depth.  Lambos, a two-way defender, has some questions surrounding his overall game but fits well with the type of defender the Stars have drafted in the past.

16. New York Rangers- C Fedor Svechkov

The Rangers need some centers.  Svechkov has risen on draft lists all season and the Rangers have shown a willingness to draft Russian prospects.

17. St. Louis Blues-W Brennan Othman

If there’s a Blues’ style pick in this draft, it’s Othman.  He’s skilled with some grit and plays in the OHL (a league targetted frequently by the Blues).

18. Winnipeg Jets-C Francesco Pinelli

If there’s a player that reminds me of Mark Schiefele a bit in this draft, it’s Pinelli (though the two are not close in terms of upside, but style). He feels like a Kevin Cheveldayoff pick.

19. Nashville Predators-D Corson Ceulemons

The Preds traded Ryan Ellis and don’t have much in their defensive pipeline.  Ceulemons is an offensive-minded defender who will need some development time but also has top-four upside.

20. Edmonton Oilers-G Sebastian Cossa

The Oilers just resigned a 39 year-old to a two-year contract, so clearly the team is in need of some goalie prospects.  Cossa is a stellar option and a likely number one at the NHL level.

21. Boston Bruins-D Stanislav Svozil

The Bruins always make off the board picks, and Svozil feels like one they could make.  He reminds some scouts of Zboril, a pick the Bruisn made in the first round back in 2015.  

22. Minnesota Wild-W Nikita Chibrikov

Wild GM Bill Guerin made a ton of stealth picks in last year’s draft and clearly targeted high skill level.  Chibrikov would fit that mold and has a ton of upside.

23. Detroit Redwings-W Fabian Lysell

If Lysell is still available, it’s hard to image the Wings passing on him.  A pure sniper who skates like the wind, some scouts have appeared to sour on his overall game as of late.  The Wings would happily snatch him up at 23.

24. Florida Panthers-D Daniil Chayka

The Panthers need defensive depth and Chayka is one of the best available.

25. Columbus Blue Jackest-C Aatu Raty

The Jackets could use a center, and the once number one ranked prospect in this draft is a worth a swing at late in the first round.

26. Minnesota Wild-C Zachary Bolduc

The Wild coud use a center and could take a look at two options for the QMJHL: Zachary Bolduc and Xaviour Bourgault.  Bolduc is slightly ahead on some draft boards, so he seems like an option here.

27. Carolina Hurricanes-C Logan Stankoven

The Hurricanes’ are notorious for late round steals.  Stankoven could be their next one.  The small, skilled forward has some question marks but plays a tenacious skill game.

28. Colorado Avalanche-W Zachary L’Heureux

The Av’s will love the tough winger falls to them at 28.  He could go significantly higher.

29. New Jersey Devils-W Isak Rosen

The Devils can take the best player available.  Rosen is an option for them here at 29.

30. Vegas Golden Knights-D Shai Buium

There is going to be a handful of surprise defenders taken in the first-round.  I could see Vegas being the team to make this happen.  Shai Buium or Scott Morrow are both options the Knights could go for here.

31. Montreal Canadiens-C Xaviour Bourgault

If he is somehow still there, the Canadiens will happily select the Quebec-born Center.

32. Columbus Blue Jackets-C Zachary Dean

With their third first-round selection, the Jackets can take the Newfoundlander with the last pick in the first round and add some center depth to their prospect pool

Second Round

33. Buffalo Sabres W Tyler Boucher
34. Anaheim Ducks D Scott Morrow
35. Seattle Kraken D Ollen Zellweger
36. Vegas Golden Knights C Ryder Korczak
37. Arizona Coytes C Wyatt Johnston
38. Detroit Redwings D Aleksi Heimosalmi
39. Ottawa Senators D Brent Johnson
40.  Nashville Predators W Simon Robertsson
41. Vancouver Canucks D Jack Peart
42. Ottawa Senators G Ben Gaudreau
43. Arizona Coyotes C Ben Harrison
44. Chicago Blackhawks W Samu Tuomaala
45. Calgary Flames D Evan Nause
46. Philadelphia Flyers W Mackie Samoskevich
47. Dallas Stars W Oskar Olausson
48. Detroit Redwings W Ayrton Martino
49. Los Angeles Kings D Vincent Iorio
50. Winnipeg Jets D Aleksi Malinen
51. Nashville Predators W Matthew Knies
52. Detroit Redwings W William Stromgren
53. Buffalo Sabres W Sasha Pastujov
54. Minnesota Wild D Sean Behrens
55. Washington Calpitals D Nolan Allan
56. Florida Panthers C Oliver Kapanen
57. Toronto Maple Leafs W Alex Kisakov
58. Pittsburgh Penguins D Roman Schmidt
59. Carolina Hurricanes D Ryan Ufko
60. New York Islanders W Oliver Nadeau
61. New Jersey Devils W Dyaln Duke
62. Chicago Blackhawks D Anton Olsson
63. Montreal Canadiens D Kirill Kirsanov
64. Montreal Canadiens W Chase Stillman


Third Round

65. New York Rangers D Aidan Hreschuk
66. Anaheim Ducks C Connar Lockhart
67. Seattle Kraken C Tristan Broz
68. New Jersey Devils W Prokhor Poltapov
69. Columbus Blue Jackets W Matvei Petrov
70. Detroit Redwings C Riley Kidney
71. San Jose Sharks D Cole Jordan
72. Los Angeles Kings W Trevor Wong
73. Vancouver Canucks W Ethan Cardwell
74. Ottawa Senators D Jack Bar
75. Washington Capitals C Colton Dach
76. Montreal Canadiens C Sami Helenius
77. Calgary Flames G Tristan Lennox
78. Philadelphia Flyers D Ryan Mast
79. Dallas Stars W Conner Roulette
80. New York Rangers C Peter Reynolds
81. St. Louis Blues D Ethan Del Maestro
82. Winnipeg Jets W Josh Doan
83. Nashville Predators D Vlad Lukashevich
84. Calgary Flames W Robert Orr
85. Boston Bruins C Red Savage
86. Minnesota Wild W Ville Koivunen
87. Montreal Canadiens C Ryan Winterton
88. Buffalo Sabres D Oscar Plandowski
89. Los Angeles Kings W Stuart Rolofs
90. Minnesota Wild W Ilya Fedotov
91. Carolina Hurricanes C Justin Robidas
92. Colorado Avalanche W Liam Gilmartin
93. New York Islanders D Artyom Grushnikov
94. Detroit Redwings C Jakub Brabenec
95. Buffalo Sabres W Joshua Roy
95. Tampa Bay Lightning C Cole Huckins