Everyone in Philly is a Bears fan this week. Sure, if the Eagles and Bears win they’ll likely face each other in the first round, but that is a battle for another time. This week, ladies and gentlemen, we are rooting for the Bears. Nick Foles has brought Eagles fever up to heights we thought would be impossible to reach this season after two Dallas losses. Here we are though on the cusp of the playoffs, so…roundtable time!

  1. After the Houston win, will the Eagles make the playoffs?
  2. If they do, they’ll face either Chicago or LA. Which opponent do you think the Eagles would have a better chance against?
  3. If the Eagles do make the playoffs and Carson Wentz is deemed healthy, do you have a quarterback controversy? Who starts in round 1?

Dan M.

With the Seahawks winning, it comes down to needing Chicago to win in Minnesota and us to handle our business at Washington. I don’t have any doubt the Eagles will show up in Arlington. Meanwhile Chicago should be playing for the #2 seed and not holding back against the Vikings. As it currently stands, Chicago/Minnesota, Eagles/Redskins, and 49ers/Rams are all in 4:25PM slots. No team should be able to change their game plan based on the results of the other. Chicago has looked like a complete team all year, and I have to believe their defense can take advantage of an inconsistent Kirk Cousins who routinely has not handled high profile games well (see his 0-7 record on Monday Night Football, 0-1 in the playoffs as a starter). Vikings lose, Eagles win, Eagles make the playoffs.

The Eagles have proven they can handle the Rams on the road in back to back years, with both Wentz and Foles behind center. LA is far from home field advantage for the Rams, and the weather should not be a factor either. Going to Chicago in January is a daunting task against a team with a strong running back tandem and a top defense. I’ll easily sign up for Eagles at Rams in round one.

I believe regardless of what happens this season, this is Nick Foles’ show until the Eagles are eliminated. I love Wentz and am not one of the people discrediting him or devaluing him. However, there is no denying that Foles has the hot hand and has this team finally playing to expectations. You cannot afford to make the switch. Nick Foles will be the Eagles QB for the remainder of the season, however long it may be.


There is something magical in the air. Call it Christmas spirit, call it Saint Nick, call it whatever you want. But this is a completely different team from what I’ve seen during the other three quarters of the season. I’m not going to make this into yet another Carson vs Nick debate, but there is no denying that the Eagles have rallied behind Nick Foles. I like to consider myself as an objective fan when it comes to Philly sports (most of the time).

However, when Nicky Six got back up after that nasty hit by Jadeveon Clowney and made that 3rd and 10 pass to Zach Ertz to get them into field goal position, I knew that there is still magic left in the tank for the Philadelphia Eagles. Anything objective or analytical gets thrown into the garbage after Folesy makes that throw. Regardless of the horrendous NFL refs this year, this is why the NFL will never be beaten. The NFL is pure magic when it’s at its best.

Next Sunday is eerily familiar to when the Eagles beat the Cowboys 44-6 in December 2008. During the last week of the season, the Eagles needed a home win vs the Cowboys and losses by the Bears and Bucs in order to improbably clinch the #6 seed in the NFC’s playoffs. The Eagles will make the playoffs and go to LA to play the Rams. As seen before, Philadelphia fans will turn this road game into a massive home field advantage. There is no controversy here. Carson is the man and anything else is just silly. But the season rests upon the magic of Nick Foles. If I’m a betting man, I’m going all in on the Eagles chances to win in the NFC playoffs this year.

The Legend of Nick Foles is a cinema-esque popcorn binge, and I cannot wait for Sunday. I’m not going to say how many games the Eagles can win in the playoffs. I’m just here for the ride, baby. My popcorn is hot, and it’s got a Fletcher Cox amount of butter. Enjoy. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Matt S.

Unfortunately, I think the Eagles will fall short. I believe they will win on Sunday, but I also think that the Vikings will win. Even though the Bears could secure a bye with a win and a Rams loss, the Vikings are playing to get into the playoffs. This will lead to them playing way harder in my opinion. The Eagles had too many bad losses, losses that should have never happened, that prevent them from controlling their own destiny.

If the Eagles manage to make the playoffs, I’d rather see the Rams. We know we can beat them, and their style is much better for this year’s team. The Bears defense and the tendency to get involved in grind it out type games does not match well with the Eagles. The Eagles have a beat up offensive line and a less than stellar rushing attack. Foles can sling it with the best of them, and I think we need a shootout more than a grind.

As far as I’m concerned, Wentz is done for the year. Bringing Wentz back for Round 1 and losing would be an absolute disaster. Let Foles work his magic. Let Wentz get truly healthy. We’ll try the Wentz show once again next season.


Put me down as being in the Eagles will make the playoffs camp. The Birds have a lot of momentum and will win big against Washington. I’m far less confident in the Bears beating the Vikings though. Not because I think the Vikings are better or should win, but because Minnesota has a win-and-they’re-in opportunity. It’s likely they’ll come out with more urgency than the Bears. Chicago has the reassurance of the three seed being guaranteed even with a loss. Like Chris said though, it feels like how it felt in 2008. The Eagles will win, and the Bears will edge out Minnesota.

When it comes to preference of opponent, I’d like to say I don’t have one because you have to actually lock up a spot before worrying about that. I would be lying though, and I’d have to agree with my fellow roundtable members that LA would be the preferable matchup. It comes down to this for me, would you rather go to Chicago or LA to play a postseason game? The Eagles have proven they can play with LA, and they’ve proven they can beat them in LA too. If the Eagles do get in the playoffs, though, it’ll likely be against Chicago. The Rams face off against the 49ers, who are without two of their more prominent offensive weapons in Matt Breida and Dante Pettis because of injury. I don’t see a way the Rams lose this game, but I’ll be rooting for the Niners regardless.

If the Bears take care of business, and the Eagles get into that 6th seed, there will absolutely be a QB controversy. This debate drives me insane because I fully recognize that Wentz is both a better QB and the face of the franchise. But…something about Nick Foles, baby! Foles and Pederson have figured something out that has worked when the Eagles needed it most, and changing that could mess up the mojo. I’m still fully behind Carson Wentz. If he’s deemed healthy on any given week, I believe he should be the starter.

Let’s remember, though, that Wentz has played this season with a brace on his knee and while dealing with a bum back. Between the back and the brace, it’s possible that they’re still inhibiting his ability to be mobile and move in the pocket or make all of the throws necessary. If that’s the case, Foles should start. “If completely healthy, Carson is the starter” might not be the hot take you came here for, but it is the most level-headed answer I can come to.