Get ready for some nostalgia, people! This week the Eagles travel up to Minnesota to play a game at US Bank Stadium. You may recognize that name. It’s where some of the best memories of our lives were forever embedded into our brains. The Philly Special, Brandon Graham’s strip sack, Zach Ertz’s game winning touchdown, etc. are all memories we will never forget. Some people got tattoos to celebrate the win; my wife and I have a baby boy who was born on November 7th (9 months and 3 days after the Super Bowl win). We named him Nick after our former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles. 

This summer, while staying with my wife’s brother in Minneapolis, we had to go see the stadium. The X games were going on at the time, so they weren’t doing any tours, but we still had to go. 

Nick sitting in front of where it all went down.

I’ll admit it was a bit emotional just seeing the stadium. It was very cool being able to do our own little photo shoot there though. 

You may recall that the Eagles played a certain team in the NFC Championship game who had dreams of playing in what would have been the first ever home Super Bowl. Yes, the Vikings and their fans, talked an enormous amount of trash in the week leading up to the NFC Championship Game. They were making Super Bowl plans, taking pictures on the art museum steps, etc.  Then came Sunday. The Eagles demolished the Vikings, and Eagles’ fans demolished Vikings’ fans. 

It’s not an especially proud moment in our history as fans, but it led to some incredible memes. 

Full disclosure, I did not make these memes, and I could not find who to give credit to. The clock one is top 5 all time for me. Every time it’s 6:22, a smile appears on my face. It gave me great pleasure to ask people in Minnesota if they knew why we called 6:22 “Viking Time” in Philadelphia, and watch their faces go from puzzled to slightly annoyed when I explain it’s because 38 to 7. 

All joking aside, it should be a good matchup this weekend. Both teams, on paper, are somewhere in the range of very good to excellent, and yet they both have severely underperformed on multiple occasions this season. It will be interesting to see which teams show up on Sunday. 

Things to Watch for:

Super Bowl LII Highlights: Nicky 6 holding up the Lombardi, Brandon Graham strip sacking Brady, confetti, smiles, etc. There will also probably be some shots of Carson in his street clothes. Look for these highlights to be shown throughout the broadcast. Bonus: There will probably be NFC Championship Game highlights as well.

Bitter Vikings Fans: I’ve heard that people from Minnesota are really nice. They even have a phrase for their behavior, “Minnesota Nice.” However, it seems all that goes out the window once they see the midnight green jersey. And not just since two years ago. I went to the playoff game in January 2009 in Minnesota with my mom and sister. While we were sitting there before the game, a Vikings fan, in an attempt to make us feel bad for liking our team, shouted, “Your city is a cesspool, you’re all inbred.” To which I responded laughingly, “Dude, I’m from Philly, you didn’t even swear at us.” The Eagles drubbed the Vikings, and we didn’t hear anything else from that guy. Listen for some tense moments between the two fan groups.

Kirk Cousins vs. the Eagles: The Eagles do not have a great record against Kirk Cousin led teams. Kirk is a career 5-3 (.625) vs. the Eagles, and is 34-39-2 (.466) vs. the rest of the league. His record against the Giants is 4-5 and against the Cowboys is 1-6. For whatever reason Kirk always plays the Eagles tough. “You like that?!?! You like that?!?!” No Kirk, no I do not. I do like that he really has not played well this year. In fact, he’s played so poorly that one of his main receivers, Stefon Diggs, has asked to be traded. Look for Zombie Kirk to remain dead, and not magically come to life against the Eagles.

Keys to Victory:

Stop Dalvin Cook: Dalvin is enjoying his best year as a young pro. He’s averaging over 100 yards per game this year. Meanwhile, the Eagles have the top rushing defense in the NFL this year, allowing only 63 yards per game. This will be a very interesting matchup inside the game. Very good chance that whoever wins this battle will win the game.

Pressure Kirk Cousins: Kirk does not play well when he is pressured. The Eagles defensive line had not played well, until last weeks 10 sack performance against the Jets. They seem to have found their groove. If Kirk is given time to complete passes to his two well above average receivers (Thielen and Diggs), it could be a long day for the Eagles D.

Buy the Receivers Some Gloves and Stickum: I’m not actually advocating the receivers to cheat, but they just need to catch the ball. It’s embarrassing week after week to have all of our receivers dropping passes that would otherwise hit them in their chest. Each drop raises the probability that we lose. The Eagles need to keep the drops under three for us to have a sincere chance to win.


The Eagles will come out firing, get an early lead, and win fairly easily. Zombie Kirk will continue being the zombie that he is. The most exciting part of the game will be the nostalgia that each Eagles fan feels in their heart from the Super Bowl LII win.

Eagles 31 – Vikings 17