If you have played fantasy football with me, then you probably have heard me rant about certain things that I detest. Vetoing trades is my first. If two grown adult humans decide that they want to trade some players on their respective teams that they believe will make their teams better, as long as they both are genuine and not colluding, then there should never be a veto. I don’t try to control your team, you don’t try to control my team. It’s pretty simple.

The other detestable thing, now this one is just for me personally, is that I won’t have any Cowboys, Giants, or Redskins on my team. I can’t do it. Rooting for a division foe to rack up a ton of yards and hopefully touchdowns is not something I really want to be a part of. Especially when they are playing the Eagles. 

Now the gray area. Throughout the course of the year, inevitably the Eagles will play someone I have on my fantasy team. This week is one of those weeks. I have Russell Wilson in two separate leagues 

Today I received this text:

“With the Eagles season on the line are you really going to start Russell Wilson while you sit the Eagles D and Nick Foles?”

My response:

“One of us might as well have a chance to win on Sunday…”

It’s sad that this is the point we are at with the season. To be clear, I am not rooting for Russell to have a great game on Sunday. I just think that he will. I don’t know how anyone could have faith in this Eagles’ team at this point. 

Things To Watch For:

Jadeveon Clowney: The Eagles had a chance to trade for Clowney at the beginning of the season and Howie decided that his 3rd round pick and a couple scrubs were not worth the former #1 overall pick. Watch to see him destroy the Eagles on Sunday.

Josh Gordon: The Eagles could have claimed Josh Gordon once he was released from the Patriots a few weeks ago. Howie decided that he was not worth the remaining 2.1 Million dollar contract for the rest of this season, even though the Eagles’ receivers rank dead last in almost every category. Watch to see what may have been as he torches the Eagles on Sunday. 

Doug Pederson’s Play-calling: On 4th down last week Doug called a play that sent Nelson Agholor deep down the middle of the field on a play that required him to track a deep ball. Nelson Agholor cannot track a deep ball if the season depended on it. Carson then chose to chuck the ball deep to the wide receiver who cannot track deep balls, and unsurprisingly he couldn’t track it and it fell incomplete. And everyone blames Agholor. And none of the blame is put on either party that set him up to fail. Look for Doug’s play calling to continue to be poor. 

Keys to Victory:

Heal Magically Before Gametime: This is a big one. If Lane Johnson, DeSean Jackson, Jordan Howard, Nelson Agholor, and Alshon Jeffery can somehow be magically healed before the start of the game we would have a decent chance of winning. 

Have Russell Wilson Not Play: This one seems like it’s not going to happen, but maybe he just retires before the game or something. If Russell doesn’t play the Eagles have a chance to win. 

Teach Carson How to Throw an Accurate Pass: If Carson could throw accurate passes, the team would probably be 8-2 right now. Unfortunately, the bad reads and inaccurate throws have us sitting at .500. Carson is going to have to have pinpoint accuracy if the Eagles are going to have a shot to win. 


It’s going to be bad for the Eagles but good for my fantasy squad. 

Eagles 17 Seahawks 28