They say that disappointment is reality not meeting expectations. I don’t think anyone would have expected us to be 4-5 right now after last season. So it’s safe to say that after last week’s truly pathetic performance against our most hated foe, the entire Delaware Valley and Eagles fans everywhere are experiencing disappointment, and unless something truly divine happens on Sunday, the disappointment will have come to completion. If the Eagles lose this game When the Eagles lose this game, the season is over. We can turn our attention to Jimmy Butler, hopefully Bryce Harper, and debate which we will see more of: Ben Simmons 3 point attempts or Markelle Fultz double clutch free-throw attempts. (I’m using that word “attempt” loosely on both ends, and my money is on Fultz’s free throw fake-outs).

Anyway, let’s take a moment and compare two teams through 9 games of their respective seasons.


I’m sure you have guessed one of the teams is the 2018 Eagles team. It’s team B.
Team A is the 2016 Philadelphia Eagles who eventually finished at 7-9.

The 2018 version is worse in every category except Yards Per Game by a mere 29 yards. Giving up 2 more Points Per Game, scoring 3 less PPG, averaging a takeaway less per game than the year we were under .500.

We were 5-4 after 9 games in 2016, not very different than the 4-5 we are now. The difference is that 2017 happened, and we won the Super Bowl. Expectations for this team were at an all time high, and rightfully so. Now, we are back to mediocrity. Jim Schwartz keeps telling us that turnovers aren’t worth focusing on, and we’re one play away from lots of wins.

Well, Jim, hate to break it to you, but your defense stinks. Particularly the epic 4th quarter collapses that have plagued us this year. When is the last time you’ve heard Malcolm Jenkins’ name called during the game? Jordan Hicks, do you have a pulse? Nigel Bradham, can we get a tackle for a loss? Chris Long, glad you gave your salary away last year because you’re not really earning it this year.

The offense is not much better. We can’t score in the first half, run the ball effectively (or if we are, we just suddenly stop. It’s like Doug is allergic to the run), or make big plays at the end of the games. Basically, we play okay for the 3rd quarter. Jason Kelce is telling people that this year’s team lacks the accountability that the Super Bowl team had. That is pathetic. We had the formula last year to win! You’re telling me that everyone on the team suddenly forgot what it takes to win? Let’s get to what to watch for before this rant goes full bore.

What to watch for

  1. Saints Punter, Thomas Morstead: Twice this year Thomas Morstead has not punted in the game. If he punts, the Eagles’ chances of winning improve. I’m guessing each time he punts, the Eagles’ chances of winning double. I’m starting their chances of victory at 1%, so if he punts 4 times, 1x2x2x2x2 = 16%, the Eagles would have a 16% of victory, excluding other factors. If you see him punt six times, the Eagles should win.
  2. Turnovers: Despite what Jim Schwartz says, the defense must force turnovers to win the game. The Eagles must force at least two turnovers to have a chance to win the game. Keep in mind Drew Brees has only thrown one INT this year so far.
  3. Saints Running Backs Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram: Just watch these two and wish we had anything that resembles either of these two backs. The 11 men we put out onto the field to stop these two, plus their wide receiver counterparts, will not stand a chance.

Keys to Victory

  1. Force a combined 8 Punts or Turnovers.
  2. Divine Intervention.
  3. Let’s be honest, keeping the game within 20 will be a moral victory for the Eagles at this point. 


The Eagles do not have a chance on Sunday unless something divine happens. I cannot believe that the line is still in single digits, currently 9 points.

The Saints will tear our defense apart – particularly the secondary, linebackers, and D-Line…and if you’re keeping track, that’s everybody. Our slow start will force us to just keep throwing the ball with very limited success.

Saints 45 Eagles 20