The crazy Eagles fans get their wish this week. Nick Foles is starting again. There have been calls all year by some who think we would be better off with Nick at the helm, and everyone will get to see how it plays out on Sunday Night Football.

You may have heard that the my wife and I had a Super Bowl Baby on November 7th. Video here (Disclaimer: ESPN interview… not actual birth)

Nicholas Wayne Terry. Photograph by proud papa Wayne Terry (Me)

We did name him Nicholas after Nick Foles, but not because we believed Foles would be the quarterback of the future. The reasons did include Foles will forever be a Super Bowl MVP, he’s a very strong Christian who is studying to be a pastor when done playing football, and, finally, we believed there would be less Nicks than Carsons in his age group. From what the nurses could remember offhand at the hospital, we were right; there were quite a few Carsons being born, not nearly as many Nicks.

All that to say, while we love Foles, Wentz has always been the better option since being drafted second overall in 2016. That is the truth. Now, there are certainly things that Foles does better than Wentz. Things like getting rid of the ball quickly to the playmakers (just ask Nelson Agholor, who has only ever caught 8 or more passes when Foles is the QB), throwing a much better deep ball, and running RPOs.

Now if Super Bowl MVP Foles beats the Rams, all heck is going to break loose in this town. It sure would be entertaining, but let’s be honest, the last thing the Eagles need is a QB controversy heading into next season.

Things to watch for

Nelson Agholor and Golden Tate get involved: Nick Foles likes to get rid of the ball extremely fast. Tate and Agholor will be targeted early and often. If you hear their name frequently and they aren’t dropping passes, the Eagles may actually have a chance.

Carson Wentz’s 2017 knee injury: NBC should be better than to show this replay and talk about how its been a little over a year since it happened, but they won’t be. Don’t be surprised if you hear a snowball and santa joke from Al Michaels as well. Listen for the Sunday Night Football guys to take easy cheap shots at Philly.

Sad Philly fans in LA: There are lots of people headed out to LA to cheer on the birds. Most likely they have already come to grips with the reality that the season is over. However, it doesn’t make it much easier when they are getting beat right in front of you. Look for sad faces wearing midnight green.

Keys to Victory

Spread the Ball Around Evenly: Doug does not like to do this when Carson is playing, however with Nick, this is of utmost importance. Nick thrives with RPO’s and short quick routes, so we actually need to run them in order to win.

Defensive Line Pressure: Rams’ QB, Jared Goff, doesn’t do well with consistent, in your face pressure. Fletcher Cox and company must be applying constant pressure, or this game will be over very quickly.

Score Early and Often: The Eagles defense is not good enough to keep the Rams offense, so the Eagles are going to have to score many many points. Unfortunately, this will probably mean we have to score in the first quarter which we’ve only done three times this season.


Nick will not have the magic that he had in 2017, and the Eagles season will graciously, for all intents and purposes, come to a close.

Eagles 17 Rams 37