Short answer: It’s possible. It’s also possible that a random stranger may pay off my mortgage this week, but both have about the same chance of happening. 

Don’t get me wrong, the Eagles are an average/good team. Average/good teams do not beat Brady and Bill coming off of a bye week though. The Patriots are 14-5 under Bill after a bye week. Eagles are 1-2 under Doug (one loss was to the Lions. Ooof!). The only win was during their magical 2017 season. 

I’ve been hearing a lot, this week in particular, about how “the Eagles are two dropped passes away from 7-2” trying to somehow say that they are better than their 5-4 record. Stop it. Stop the nonsense. If Julio Jones didn’t drop the game winning pass in the divisional round in 2017, you would feel very differently about this team right now. Lucky for us Eagles’ fans, he did drop the pass and then we went on to win the Super Bowl. 

Live by the drop and die by the drop. 

This year the Eagles are 5-4 and only have a +11 in point differential. That sounds about right for how they’ve played this year. They are as good as their record. Let’s stop pretending they are any better than that. They are an average/good team. That’s it. I agree they have underperformed this year, but they are what they are.

I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but I just don’t see a feasible path to victory this week. The Eagles played a pretty much flawless offensive game with a much better team in the Super Bowl, and still Tom and the gang had a chance for a game-tying touchdown right up until the the clock hit 0:00.

Since then, the Eagles’ offense, defense, and coaching has regressed. The Patriots’ defense has greatly improved, and their offense and coaching is still tops in the league. Tell me again how the Eagles are going to beat them?

Things to Watch For:

Carson Wentz’s Pass Attempts: Carson Wentz ranks dead last in games with 40 or more passes attempted among starting QB’s with at least 10 such games. He is 2-12. I’m sure Belichick knows that the more Carson throws, the more likely that the Patriots win. He’s going to focus on stopping the run and forcing Carson to try to win it with his arm. Look for Carson’s attempts to stay under 40 for the Eagles to have a chance to win.

Tom Brady Possibly Breaking the Single Game Passing Record: Last time these two teams met, Tom threw for 505 yards. Only 49 away from the single game record. If the Eagles can keep the game remotely close, then Tom may just keep slinging the ball around and break Norm Van Brocklin’s single game record of 554.

Bill Belichick’s Smile: Ehh, Not gonna happen. Although Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel got him to smile once. This is my favorite bit from The Jimmy Kimmel Show. Hopefully it brings a smile to your face reminiscing about Super Bowl LII.

Keys To Victory:

Turnovers: The Eagles must get turnover(s) to have a chance to win.*

Run the Ball: The Eagles must run the ball effectively to have a chance to win.*

Pressure Up the Middle: The Eagles must pressure Tom Brady with their interior linemen.*

*The Eagles must do all these things and more at an elite level in order have a chance to win the game.


They won’t do any of those things at an elite level.

Average teams do not beat Bill and Brady, especially coming off of a bye.

Patriots 38 Eagles 17