Are you ready? Can you feel it? After last week’s HUGE win against the Green Bay Packers, the Eagles are primed and ready to take flight against one of the worst teams in the league, the New York Jets.

The Jets are bad, like really really bad. 

But don’t they have Le’Veon Bell? 
Doesn’t Matter.
Aren’t they still an NFL Team?
Didn’t they just have their bye week?
And your point? Give them five byes in a row, they’ll still stink. 

Let’s be clear, the Dolphins are more likely to lose to their bye week than the Eagles are to lose to the Jets on Sunday. There is no scenario in which the Eagles lose to the Jets. The only question for this game is how much they’re going to win by.

Things to Watch For:

Touchdown Celebrations: The Eagles have had some great touchdown celebrations over the last two years. Look for multiple creative and enjoyable group end zone celebrations.

Adam Gase’s Eyes: Look to see if Adam Gase’s eyes appear to pop out of his head like at his press conference earlier this year. The score may be bad enough to warrant it.

Turnover Celebrations: Similar to the touchdown celebrations, the Eagles defense loves to celebrate when they are up big and get a turnover. Electric slide, squad photos, and more.

Keys to Victory:

Stay Healthy: As stated, the Eagles will win this game. It will feel like a loss, though, if any key players get injured. Heading into our three game road trip with more injuries, and it could get ugly fast.

Rest the Starters in the Second Half: Same idea as above. Let’s get our guys some rest and keep them from getting beat up before the big road trip. It will be nice to see what some of the younger guys can do in a non-pressure situation.

Run the Ball: Same as every week. Doug finally utilized his outstanding backfield last week against the Packers… and they WON! It was a miracle! Let’s hope to see more of the same against the lowly Jets. 


This game will not be close after the first quarter. This will be the first truly dominant win of the Eagles’ 2019 campaign.

Eagles 47 -Jets 9