About six months ago, the talk in Philadelphia was about how the sports teams (minus the Flyers) were entering into another golden age of Philly sports. The Phillies, Eagles, and Sixers were going to be contenders for the foreseeable future. The biggest concern was Ben Simmons developing his jump shot.

Fast forward to today. The Phillies just missed the playoffs for the 8th year in a row, no one knows if Ben can shoot jumpers consistently from 12 feet or further, and the Eagles are off to the worst start in Carson or Doug’s career.

The Eagles have a chance to right the ship starting tonight though. The 1-2 Eagles have their second of five prime time games this season versus the 3-0 Green Bay Packers. Last week I wrote about how the Lions game was a must-win. The Eagles lost and now the worst case scenario is upon us. If the Eagles lose tonight, it will take an extreme collapse by the Cowboys to win the division, and their chances to make the playoffs as a Wild Card team would be on life support.

My, how quickly things change.

Things to watch for

Lambeau Field: It’s always cool playing in one of the oldest, most storied stadiums in the NFL. Let’s hope our guys don’t get caught up in the mystique of Lambeau though. Look for blimp shots of one of the best venues in sports.

Fletcher Cox: HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN? HE IS MISSING! The second highest paid player on the Eagles had exactly zero tackles, QB hits, or sacks last week against the Lions. If you look at the box score, you will not see his name. Look to see if you can find him during the game tonight, or let me know if we need to start putting ads on milk cartons in South Philly. More on Fletcher’s woes here.

Alshon Jeffery: The Eagles welcome back a familiar face to the wide receiver group. The receivers have had a very difficult time receiving the ball. Look for Alshon to lead the way for the entire crew.

Keys to Victory

Playing up to their potential: All summer long we heard from Zach Ertz and Doug Pederson how this was the deepest team they’ve ever had. Deeper than the Super Bowl team, the team that overcame the loss of their QB, left tackle, and many others. So far, this team may appear better on paper, but it has yet to translate to the field. Playing defense with 10 men on the field, inexcusable drop after drop, and a QB that can’t find open receivers. You can have the deepest roster in history, but if they don’t play up to their potential, your team will be mediocre. Adam Schorr wrote a great article detailing the shortcomings of the team so far. Check it out here.

Neutralizing the Packers Defense: The Packers’ D is the best that it has been in years, especially their defensive line. Stopping them is a priority tonight. The Eagles must stop the pass rush. Run the ball, call screens, slants, and other short passes, with the occasional deep ball. Do not give the rushers time to get to Carson. Which brings us to our third key to victory.

Carson needs to make quick decisions: There was a video going around this week of Carson getting sacked and everyone was busting on the O-line for giving up their blocks.

How much time does Carson need? He got hit 6 seconds on that play. That is an eternity for Wentz to make a decision or throw the ball away. That sack is on him and him alone. Carson needs to be at his absolute best tonight for the Eagles to win.


I think the Eagles play well, but Green Bay continues their elite level of play. The score will make it seem like a close game, but the Eagles won’t have an answer for Green Bay’s ferocious defense in a one-sided contest.

Packers 30 – Eagles 21