4 – 17 in his last 21 games against the Eagles. 

10-20 overall against the Eagles. 

2 of his 4 playoff losses are against the Eagles.

117-117 overall record.  

And yet Eli Manning has a chance to perhaps end his career delivering a huge blow to his personal arch rivals: your Philadelphia Eagles. 

Also he has the chance to get his career win loss record above .500 again. 

Yet all that is heard is, “The Giants stink, they’ll be no match for the Eagles, blah blah blah.” “They’re trying to tank” 

Hmm, where have we heard this before? Oh that’s right… last week against Miami. There are three people for the Giants who can pull the upset tonight. Eli, Saquon, and Golden Tate. 

Reasons the Giants will win:

Eli Manning: Do you really think the guy who beat Brady twice in the Superbowl is going to just lay down when he has a chance to show people he can still play? I don’t. He is going to come to play tonight. 

Saquon Barkley: He is playing against his old college buddy Miles Sanders. It’s going to be raining heavily at times during the game. Ah weather the great equalizer. The Giants will probably be smart and run the ball the majority of their plays tonight. 

Golden Tate III: “Impress the Ex” game for Golden. He was an Eagle for hot minute last year, but was never utilized correctly and left for bluer pastures in the off-season. He wants nothing more than to show the Eagles what they could have had. 

Reasons the Eagles will win:

Doug Pederson: If Doug (a former QB) suddenly realizes the more the QB is used the lower the Eagles chances of winning are, Carson and the gang may actually win a game. Chances are that you’ll see #11 out slinging the pigskin in the pouring rain. 

Eagles D Line: Eagles need some pressure and run stopping from the big boys up front. This used to be a huge strength for the Eagles. Unfortunately that is no longer the case. They need to turn back the clock in order to pull out the win tonight. 

Carson Wentz: He needs to be the leader tonight. That does not mean pass the ball 40 times tonight. Carson is 2-15 in games where he passes 40 or more times. The absolute worst in the NFL for anyone with 10 such games. If he cannot complete passes that are called he needs to tell Doug to call run plays (Unfortunately, this will never happen). Once again Carson is the lynch pin for the victory tonight. 

Prediction: Unfortunately the Giants three headed monster and the weather overtake the pass happy duo of Doug and Carson. Eli does just enough to get over .500 for his career. 

Eagles 17 – Giants 20