In spirit of Thanksgiving, my preview article is going to focus on the things we have to be thankful for as Eagles fans this season, even though thus far the season has been wildly disappointing. 

The Eagles beat the Packers and the Bills each on the road. The Packers are the 4th best team in the NFC, and the Bills are 3rd best in the AFC. The Eagles beat each one in their own house. Definitely the best two victories of this year.

Eagles’ secondary playing well. Since Jalen Mills came back from injury, the secondary has become one of the biggest strengths of the team. It’s encouraging especially because they were a source of major worry at the beginning of the year. 

Cowboys are struggling this year too. Thankfully the division leading Cowboys are playing really poorly this year as well. They are 6-6 after their big loss to the Bills on Thursday. The Eagles should be tied with them after this week. 

Eagles’ easy schedule. The Eagles have the easiest schedule out of all the NFL teams. They play the 2-win  Dolphins, 2-win Giants (2x), 2-win Redskins, and 6-win Cowboys. It will be interesting if the Eagles can take advantage and beat up on some wimpy teams en route to a division title. 


Eagles beat up, using the run game, on the lowly Dolphins. Eagles tie the Cowboys for first place in the division, and the whole city is sucked back in for a December run.

Eagles 31 Dolphins 13

Tune in later in December for the much longer “Airing of Grievances” article during Festivus.