There’s really only two ways I see this division deciding game playing out on Sunday. Carson, Doug and the gang can pull off a 44-6 2008-esque miracle. Or the Dallas Cowboys will steal the season from the Whos down in Lincville. Though I doubt the 67,000+ Whos would be singing “Fah who foraze! Dah who doraze!” when the game ends. 

I was at the game in 2008. It was the second best sporting event I have ever been to (after the 2008 World Series game 5 just a few months before). That day was a 4:25 game and the Eagles needed 2 miracle 1:00 games to even have a shot to make the playoffs. Somehow the stars aligned and the abysmal Raiders upset the almost shoe in Buccaneers, and the Bears lost to the Texans as the Eagles were running out of the tunnel to take on their worst enemies. It was cold but that was the loudest I’ve ever heard the Linc. The Eagles went from no shot at the playoffs to win and you’re in. The players were going berserk on the sidelines. Dawkins had fully transformed into Weapon X. They were ready. 

The game was fantastic. It was relatively close in the first half but then the Eagles blew the game open on a few timely Cowboys fumbles. The icing on the cake for me though, was when they Cowboys kicked their second field goal late in the 4th to trim the lead to 44-6 and the crowd went wild mock cheering for them. What a time to be alive and at the game! 

Fast forward 11 years. Do you think this Eagles team is capable of playing like that? I don’t. Yes, the last two weeks our season has been kept alive by 4th quarter comebacks, but look at who the opponents were: a two win and three win team trying to lose to get a better draft selection. Don’t forget three weeks ago this team actually lost to the abysmal Dolphins. I just don’t see it happening this year. 

Keys to Victory for the Eagles:

  1. No Turnovers
  2. Run the Ball
  3. Attack Dak 

Keys to Victory for the Cowboys:

  1. Make Wentz pass to beat you
  2. Feed Zeke
  3. Get an early lead 


Neither team is really good playing from behind. They are both 7-7 for a reason. It’s really hard to type this, but hopefully this loss will make Mr. Lurie reevaluate some coaching staff for this team. 

Eagles 17 Cowboys 23