Football legend #83 of the Philadelphia Eagles joins Party on Broad to talk life of a rookie in the NFL, the Eagles and the smash, box-office hit Invincible. For everything Vince Papale, check out Vince’s website via the link below! Audio and available also available below!

Discussion topics include…

  • A day in the life of Vince Papale and how he’s dealt with Coronavirus pandemic
  • What it’s like being a rookie and interacting among veterans in a locker room for the first time
  • The difference between an outside wide receiver and a slot receiver in today’s NFL
  • Reaction to Denzel Mims’ comments about his visit to Philadelphia
  • The biggest need for the Eagles in the NFL Draft outside of wide receiver
  • Could there be a situation like Vince’s repeated in today’s NFL?
  • Discussion about the incredible Disney film Invincible

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