Explaining the situation in its entirety

Before we actually get into what a new contract could look like for Lamar Jackson, let’s backtrack and take a look at how this whole situation started.

Lamar vs. Mahomes

A part to these negotiations includes looking around the league and seeing what players similar to Lamar or play the same position as Lamar get. Obviously, we all know Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes got a 10-year $503 million extension. That could have some influence in these negotiations considering Lamar beat Mahomes at M&T Bank Stadium in the primetime showdown between Jackson and Mahomes. I would guess negotiation talks between Lamar and the Ravens had started once Mahomes got that extension because both QBs recently had seasons where they won the MVP. The two are the most talked about and debated athletes in the media. Both also really seemed to be getting comfortable with the offenses they were in.

Lamar vs. Mahomes vs. Allen

Let’s take a look though at something that happened more recently. Namely, when Bills quarterback Josh Allen got his extension of a 6-year deal worth $258 million. In terms of how this compares to a possible contract Jackson could get, I could see a better chance of something similar to Allen rather than something like Mahomes received.

While Mahomes and Jackson are both phenomenal quarterbacks on each of their teams, Mahomes has led the Chiefs to two Super Bowls and has won one of them. While Jackson has been to the playoffs multiple times, he only has one playoff win. The Ravens recent playoff losses with Jackson at QB aren’t inherently all on him, but he has played poorly at the times during them.

Help Wanted

On the other hand, Jackson has had to deal with a receiving corps that’s consisted of tight end Mark Andrews doing most of the work while Marquise “Hollywood” Brown shows up at times. Obviously, receivers in Baltimore over the past few seasons have played well occasionally, but it’s been up to Lamar and his Running Backs to shoulder much of the load. Now with all that being said, I think we’ve discussed all of the basic things going on with these negotiations.

What’s been going on recently with these negotiations?

Ravens’ general manager Eric DeCosta has said that he and Lamar have had ongoing discussions about a contract extension. A couple of things that might be holding back or delaying the agreement is the fact that there’s ample time to get a deal done. Baltimore has said they’re working on Lamar’s clock so whenever Jackson feels it’s time to get a contract extension done, then they’ll start working on it.

This is not to say that Lamar is at fault for the contract extension getting done yet, as he is still recovering from an injury he suffered last season. The other thing is that Lamar will be negotiating this extension without an agent. Ultimately, the Ravens know the value of Lamar Jackson and what he brings to this organization.

What could a Lamar Jackson contract extension look like?

The tricky part about pinpointing what exactly Lamar’s contract extension could look like is that you can’t just look at last season and the fact that Baltimore missed the playoffs. You also have to look at the fact that practically the entire team was decimated by injuries and then COVID-19. These factors severely hampered the team’s performance as a whole, and therefore effected Jackson’s play. 

Another thing you have to look at with a contract extension as big as this will be is the accolades Lamar has gotten over the years. Such accomplishments as leading the Ravens to a 6-1 record when he was starting and leading the Ravens from a 4-5 record to a 10-6 record which was good enough to get them to the playoffs in his rookie year. Then in 2019, Jackson led the Ravens to a 14-2 record and clinched the first seed in the playoffs in the AFC. Jackson also finished that season with the most touchdowns that season with 36.

Lamar would then become only the second unanimous MVP in NFL history, the only other player being Tom Brady. In conclusion, it’s tricky to predict what an extension would look like. A safe bet would be something in between Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes, with a possibility of it being closer to the Allen end of the spectrum due to Jackson not quite having the playoff pedigree of Mahomes just yet.