Character was the most notable word that came to mind when Brett Brown talked about why the team was signing Corey Brewer. Brewer, 32 is an 11 year veteran who is known for being a good locker room presence. 

 You look at the character, you look at his defense, you look at his ability to shoot the ball… he’s good people. It all sort of fit, and we’re happy to welcome him into our team. – Brett Brown 1/15/19




Corey Brewer: The Shot Chart

Brewer, whose nickname is “The Greyhound,” played just 18 games last season. He averaged 10.1 points and scored mostly at the rim and on corner threes. He had a career high True Shooting Percentage (TS%) albeit with very limited sample size. 

The Sixers are looking to stretch the floor horizontally and corner threes are a key aspect. Brewer is likely to operate in the corners as mostly a spacer when in the half court. 

His ability to run the floor and score in transition will be of benefit to Ben Simmons, should they play significant time together. 


Position: Small Forward/Shooting Guard

Shoots: Right

Height: 6-9

Weight: 186 lb


The standards and qualities that Elton and I talked a lot about was character. Bringing in character into the locker room. – Brett Brown 1/15/19


TBT – Brewer Scores 51 

Enjoy this throwback to 2014. In the depths of the Process era, Corey Brewer explodes against the Rockets for 51. 

What were the Sixers doing that night? Here is the box score:

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