As long as I can remember, I’ve been a die-hard Coldplay fan. I’ve seen them live multiple times, and they are still, to this day, my favorite live show around. I’m going to give you my honest, initial reaction to each track on the two brand new Coldplay albums. Thanks for reading!

Sunrise Album


Hands down the most underrated track on Sunrise. It’s the “Don’t Panic” of Coldplay’s album Parachutes. Hopefully this piece won’t be forgotten, but I love this song. Very atmospheric and destined to be a classic tune while cruising in your car with friends. The Arabic chorus only emphasizes the melodic genius of this song.

My grade: 9/10

Trouble In Town

This song simply screams old school Coldplay. The hypnotic beat pulsing this track will quickly take back long time Coldplay fans to the early 2000s. This is a song that I believe will sound better live than it does in studio. The instrumentals at the 2:40 mark, with Coldplay’s typical lighting and theatrics in concert, have some serious, serious potential.

My grade: 7.5/10


Take me to the South, Coldplay. This gospel-ish Coldplay track will have everyone quickly slapping their knees to this tune. It’s the same joyous and optimistic Coldplay we know and love. In a world where all Hollywood wants is to make a quick buck, I have to give major kudos to Coldplay for putting this track on their new album. Beautiful song.

My grade: 7/10


One of the more emotional songs of the album, the hauntingly striking piano will spark tears from the onset. A young girl on a boat, in isolation and on the open sea, searches for her missing father. As the protagonist searches for her missing father, the beauty of the natural world protects her from danger.

The world is a difficult place, as shown when we see the young girl fall through the clouds and keep hope alive. In the end, answers might not come in the form we may expect. The girl finally reaches dry land, and an open hand reaches towards her. Is that her new father? Is it a stranger looking to help?

My Grade: 9/10


Woodwind and an acoustic guitar pulse this incredible, fantastic piece. It almost sounds as if Coldplay is on a street playing their instruments for their audience. This song has serious potential to be excellent heard in concert. I dare you to listen to this song without moving your body to the rhythms of the saxophone.

My Grade: 9.5/10

When I Need a Friend

Everything is incredible. The sun is setting, which this track clearly signals. It wraps up the first part of the album in such a positive and beautiful manner. “The problem is everything is incredible. And people don’t accept it” is the message. Not many bands today can conjure the insane spectrum of emotions that Coldplay can. This track is proof of that.

My Grade: 8.5/10

Sunset Album


The sun is setting. The people are getting ready for the night. Drinks are being made. It’s starting to get lively around the streets. Political message aside, it’s not every day (pun intended) that you get two “F-Bombs” in a Coldplay track. There is intent here though. Regardless of your stance on guns in the United States, Chris Martin makes his stance very clear, and the explicit language only makes it more emphatic.

The only problem I have with this song is it is too short. It feels like listening to an Eddie Vedder track from Into the Wild. It sort of makes me angry. I feel like it’s too short. Chris Martin clearly has a voice on this subject that he wants to get across. It’s a phenomenal song, but I’m going to rate it poorly only because it’s a tease and I want a full album of this kind of Coldplay.

My grade: 6/10


The best beat and chorus Coldplay has created in quite some time. I simply cannot wait to hear this song performed live. I can already hear the crowd chanting back “ooh ooh” along with Chris Martin and the band. This is certainly mainstream Coldplay. If you want old school Coldplay, then I ask you to check out “Arabesque.”

However, this song moves you in all the right ways. This is Coldplay through and through. Both uplifting and incredibly emotional, while singing harmoniously. Easily one of the best Coldplay songs in a long, long time. A Coldplay classic. We are not worthy, Chris Martin. Ridiculously great song.

My Grade: 10/10


What a beautiful track. The emotions flow deep here.  This is a very memorable song. Perhaps even more memorable than mainstream songs such as Orphans or Everyday Life. The acoustic guitar in the background is gorgeous, and this song continued to grow on me after multiple listens. I’ll be honest. This is not a song I want to hear in concert. I want to hear this in a local dive bar, with a pint in hand, while singling alongside Chris Martin and the band.

My Grade: 9/10

Cry Cry Cry

This song is chicken pot pie on a cold winter’s day. Similar to BrokEn, Chris Martin is in pure comfort mode on this track. Chris Martin and Coldplay are very clearly in their groove with this old school jazz track that goes back in time. Similar to “Guns,” I need more of this from Coldplay. This is a genre that I never expected from Coldplay, and it seems like such a natural fit.

My Grade: 9/10

Old Friends

Similar to “Guns,” Chris Martin and Coldplay are channeling their inner Eddie Vedder from Into the Wild with this track. The guitar work is breathtaking. This album completely shocked me in the most unexpected way. This atmospheric and mood-centric track fits perfectly alongside Chris Martin’s gorgeous vocals.

My Grade: 8.5/10

Champion of the World

All I think of is The Decemberists in this piece, which makes this song even more effective in expressing its meaning. A truly uplifting and inspiring track that will make anyone with children or someone they love fall to their knees at the 3:00 minute mark. Am I crazy or does this song sound like it was stripped straight of the 1990s?

“I wandered the whole wide world, but baby, you’re the best.” This is Coldplay at its finest. This song has first dance during weddings written all over it for the foreseeable future. The nostalgia in this song is beyond moving.

My Grade: 9/10

Everyday Life

Another gorgeous melody by Coldplay, and another one that screams nostalgia. Coldplay continues to prove that simplistic music always wins over the heartstrings. A beautiful piano set goes along with epic strings in the beginning of the track. “Got to keep dancing when the lights go out” says it all. Despite hardships, one must continue moving forward. One must not stop thinking of love. One must not forget that life is beautiful, and there is a purpose.

My Grade: 9/10

Final Grade on the Latest Coldplay

We haven’t heard this kind of Coldplay in quite some time, but this is Coldplay at their best. They have clearly found their voice with many of these tracks. Coldplay has chosen to move away from the pop, techno songs that you’re used to. My favorite kind of Coldplay harkens back to the days of “Don’t Panic,” and that vibe can certainly be found in Everyday Life.

Whether it was Peter Gabriel, Eddie Vedder, or Louis Armstrong, there are some major and eclectic influences going on in this album. I personally love this new direction by Coldplay, and I’m craving for more. My favorite songs here are Orphans, Church, and Arabesque. If this is a sign of things to come, then Coldplay fans should feel right at home. This is a must buy for any true Coldplay fan.

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