Who is the best Philly sports star in professional sports history? Which team consists of the BEST OF PHILLY SPORTS? YOU WILL DECIDE! The Painted Lines got together and held a 6-round snake draft. Each team will be placed in a double elimination bracket and duel to the death! Audio and video available below!

Here are the teams…

  • Team Bryant (@BryantBakerTPL):
  • The Dominokafors (@BrianMikeJacobs):
  • Team JR (@JohnRussell215)
  • Pelle’s Belles (@mrcrockpot):
  • Team Rob (@Philly_Madness):
  • Team No Idea LOL (@Ruzzer24):
  • Dana ‘The GOAT’ Barros (@TScabbia):
  • Gus’ Prospects (@guschiiggens):
  • The Stay Homers (@tomds215):
  • Broad street Q-Balls (@QuibellTyson):

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