We’re back in action! The 2018 NFL season was extremely kind to us as we won over 38.68 units (6.78 on the Super Bowl alone) for a return on investment of 23.44%. Let’s start 2019 off with some nice returns on the NFL draft. If you don’t remember from last year, we break down our bets from 3-stars (best bets) down to 0.5-stars (flyer bets).

Top Play (3-Star)

1st WR Taken: Marquise “Hollywood” Brown +100

D.K. Metcalf is the projected number one receiver taken, but teams fall in love with speed. Hollywood Brown has that in spades. I think he’ll not only be the first receiver off the board, but that he’ll get picked in the top 20.

Solid Plays (2-Star)

Josh Allen Draft Position: Over 4.5 +140

This play coincides with a value play that we will get to later. I think Murray goes #1, Bosa goes #2 and then the draft gets shaken up. I think a QB-needy team will jump the Raiders and take Haskins at #3. This will either lead to the Raiders panicking for a QB or to take BPA at #4 and go with Quinnen Williams or Ed Oliver. Allen won’t slide too far, but I think #5-7 is his range.

D.K. Metcalf Draft Position: Over 18.5 -150

Again, I think Hollywood Brown goes ahead of Metcalf. I also think teams are becoming extremely weary of taking round one receivers. Metcalf falls to the mid to late 20’s is my guess.

Value Plays (1-Star)

3rd Overall Pick – Dwayne Haskins +700

I think a team will trade up with the Jets and take Haskins 3rd. Getting 7 to 1 odds is a huge value play on a QB in a QB-centric league. 

1st Running Back Taken – Miles Sanders +700

Lots of hype on Sanders leading up to the draft. I think Jacobs is widely regarded as the top back, but we’ve seen in past drafts that just being the best, especially at RB, doesn’t mean you’ll go first. The odds here are too good to pass up, especially at such a devalued position.


The draft will “start” at 8:00 EST. Tweet me with any props that you like, hate, find interesting, or just make you laugh @moneymaxPFO.